Awaken Your Truth

I once believed that the only way to be abundant was to have more money. I have come to discover that this couldn’t be further from the truth and that viewing abundance in this way actually creates the opposite of its real meaning.  If we believe that our abundance is decided by how much money we have in the bank, not only have we chosen to take on a lack mentality, but we have chosen to give all of our power away. This perception of abundance states, “I am worthless and powerless.”

The truth is if we are alive, we are abundant. Abundance is who we are. It is our birthright. It exists within us, not within a piece of paper.  When we view abundance in this way, we instantly take back our power. We naturally feel more connected to our true nature and we being to open up to the abundance that is not only living within us, but we begin to take notice of it everywhere around us as well. We open up to our own unique creativity and we tap into the unlimited resources that reside within us.  Sitting in the knowing that we are abundant allows us to not only receive inspiration from all around us, but it naturally allows us to act on it. Our abundance lives in our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and most importantly our actions.

There are two questions you can ask yourself.

Am I carrying around an abundant mindset that creates an unwavering belief in myself that I can create whatever it is that brings me the most joy?


Am I carrying around a lack mentality that creates doubt, fear and worry?

Only you can answer that. The good news is that whichever answer you receive, you have the power to change the answer whenever you’d like. The power to choose your perception is where real abundance resides and it lives inside of all of us.


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