Awaken Your Truth

I always say that getting to know our truth is the most powerful gift that we can give to ourselves. It frees us from the chains of having to live out a story that is not our own. The truth is each and every one of us is attached to a story that we may have created based on past experiences, but what is also true is that we don’t have to remain in that story if it does not empower and uplift us in a way that inspires us and brings us joy.

We were all given the gift of choice. We can either stay in the old story or we can do the work of cleaning up the old story and creating a new one. One that opens our heart and connects us to a purpose that feeds our soul.


Cleaning up the old story of who we believe ourselves to be requires us to simply remember who we really are from the inside out. When we remember who we are, we feel connected to a power that is so much greater than the small story we once lived out of. Rather than being attached to fears, limited thinking and blocked energy, we can choose to be connected to faith, powerful thinking and expanded energy. We literally are connected to what feels good to us as an individual rather than what sounds logical to the world around us. Knowing who we are allows us to know when it is right to say yes, when to say no, when to hold on and when to let go. These are all choices that mold the direction of our lives. When we follow what feels aligned to our truth we are co-creating with the Universe. We are choosing in these very moments to live in our new story. We give ourselves permission to let go of what no longer serves us and we welcome in new opportunities that support our highest good. This is possible for you. The only question that remains is this; Are you willing to return to the truth of your brilliance and stand in your power? It’s all waiting on you in this moment.

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