Awaken Your Truth

When we are on the path to awakening to our truth, we must have the willingness to tap into and embrace our courage. Courage knows that it can take us to the very places we must go so that we can transform our darkness into light. It is the one quality within us that will allow us to confront all the aspects of ourselves that our Ego doesn’t wish to look at.  It knows that it won’t be easy and it won’t be welcomed by us, but it also knows that without it’s persistence we will give up and allow the darkness to take over. Courage is in each and every one of us and it is our job to simply know that it is there. When we have this deep knowing, it becomes much easier to connect with it. It enables us to face our conflicts, challenges, pains and hardships. It enables us to feel the truth of what we are experiencing so that we can then transform our experiences into gifts that will serve us and those around us. It enables us to stand our ground and speak our truth in the face of judgement and criticism. It enables us to make choices that don’t make sense to the logical mind, but make complete sense to our heart and soul. It enables us to leave our old egoic, toxic thoughts behind and welcome in the true voice of our spirit that longs to bring more joy, peace and love into this world. Courage is what will push us to step out of the box, jump off the cliff, take a risk, make bold choices and ultimately be the light that we came here to be. None of these extraordinary things can occur without courage. So if you know where you want to go and you are holding that vision for yourself, but you continue to feel blocked, stuck or confused, just know that you aren’t really stuck. You aren’t confused and your certainly not blocked. You have all of your answers right there inside of you. Your spirit is simply waiting on your courage to partner up with you and take that leap. One thing I know for sure is the more you are afraid of where you are headed, the more likely you are heading in the right direction. The good news is courage is already within you and will always lead you to the perfect circumstances that you need to to awaken to your truth. Bring your courage forth and allow it to guide you and know that it will never steer you wrong.

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