Awaken Your Truth

Getting in touch with and knowing our own truth is the most important job that we will ever have. It’s essential if we want to live a life that feels freeing and easy rather than constricting and frustrating. The following are 10 ways that standing in our truth can greatly benefit our life.

1. We release worry about what others think about us.

2. We gain clarity about our past, present and future.

3. We feel free to be who we really are.

4. Our confidence and soul esteem sky rocket and we feel like we can do anything we set our minds to.

5. We spend more time on what is aligned with our heart and soul and less time on the list of  “shoulds” that we feel obligated to complete.

6. We know how to communicate our feelings in a way that leaves us feeling uplifted and certain about who we are.

7. We are very comfortable with saying “no” as many times as we need to say it without feeling shame or guilt.

8. We feel empowered to make challenging decisions that we know we must make in order to nourish our soul.

9. We feel at peace with who we are even if we find ourselves in the mist of chaos.

10. We give ourselves permission to think, feel and say what comes up for us without judgment.

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