Awaken Your Truth

Imagine that you are sitting in a dark, quiet movie theater. It is just you and the big screen. You are watching all the choices you have made over the last 10, 20 or 30 years of your life unfold.  You sit and watch as a neutral observer. You don’t judge or criticize yourself or your choices and you don’t feel regret.  You simply observe. You are able to sit in a neutral state because the “you” who is watching is your highest self, your wisest self and your most courageous self. It is the part of you that knows that every choice was made to teach you what you most need to learn. It knows that every decision was made from the part of you that was doing the absolute best that it could do in that moment. From this neutral position, what insights arise? What is your highest self whispering in your ear? What lessons have you learned? More importantly what lessons continue to repeat that you aren’t acknowledging? What have you learned that you haven’t been willing to act on?  It’s important to know that lessons are great, but they don’t create change unless they are solidified with action. What is life asking of you? Are you being called to be more honest with yourself? Perhaps, you are being asked to become more clear on your heart’s desires? Maybe it is time to tap into your courage and take a risk? The answers are there when we notice the patterns in our life and we are willing to face the truth of what we are experiencing. Watch your movie for it is your creation. Know that you get to create over and over again. There is no right or wrong. There is only growth and expansion. Take your power back and listen to the answers within you. Then go and act on them.

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