Awaken Your Truth

If we ever want to really experience the truth of who we really are, we must embrace our wholeness. This is a very complex journey, but nevertheless it is a journey worth taking. For when we experience our internal wholeness we experience the freedom and joy that we are all so desperately seeking externally. The following are 10 ways to direct you towards embracing and loving all of who you are.

1. Be honest and unapologetic about your desires. Own them and know that you are hear to experience what your heart truly longs for. Desires come from the soul and the soul is your ticket to authentic joy.

2. Be honest about your beliefs about yourself and your desires. When you can be honest about your limiting thoughts and beliefs, you bring awareness to the deeper part of you. You bring light to your subconscious. Awareness gives us the capacity to create change – without it we can never experience the truth of who we are being called to awaken to.

3. Be honest about your emotions. Practicing emotional honesty about our thoughts, beliefs and experiences allows us to gain a sense of compassion towards ourselves. Without compassion, we will  continue to resist seeing what it is we don’t want to face within ourselves and this will never lead to the experience of wholeness.

4. Practice forgiveness. I’m talking about the deep kind of emotional forgiveness that requires us to go within and FEEL. Not the “heady” kind of forgiveness that makes us believe that saying “I forgive you” is enough. Feeling it means it healing it. Self-forgiveness and forgiveness towards others lead us back to our truth. Forgiveness frees us from blame and uncovers the power that is already sitting inside of us.

5. Take responsibility for your past, present and future. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can certainly be responsible for how we choose to perceive it. Gifts can be found everywhere in our lives if we are willing to see that they are there waiting to be discovered.

6. Be committed to yourself first. We tend to put others first because we have been led to believe that this is the right way. The truth is when we take the time to listen to and follow the truth within us, we are much more capable of enriching the lives of those around us.

7. Honor your humanity by embracing your Ego. The voice of your Ego has many gifts for us if we are willing to hear it. It is important to know that hearing it doesn’t always mean having to listen to it. We need to develop the practice of hearing it so that we can make the conscious choice of whether we want to listen to it or not. The more we honor the Ego, the more we can hear the whispers of our soul.

8. Honor your divinity by embracing the voice of your soul. Take the time to listen to the soul’s messages. They are your guidance, your map, your GPS towards your own unique destiny.

9. Welcome in the fear. Embracing and accepting our wholeness will stir up feelings of fear. It is important to observe yourself when you are wanting to resist the fear. Become very familiar with what fear feels like. It is something to embrace and become very comfortable with. This comfort will allow you to hear and more importantly take action on your soul’s guidance even when it feels scary to do so. Feeling fear often means you are headed in the direction of your truth.

10. Love all of who you are. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love heals. Love creates miracles. Love all the thoughts that run through your mind, not just the positive ones. Love all the beliefs you have, not just the empowering ones. Love all of your emotions, not just the high vibratory ones. Love your past no matter how it looked. Love your life exactly as it is today. Love your unwritten future that is waiting to be created.

May these pointers lead you to embracing your wholeness – The world needs your truth.

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