Awaken Your Truth


Deciding to go within and discover the truth of who we are requires us to move out of the head and into the heart. When we only live in the head we are living from a place of constantly doing. We make lists of what we should do. When that list is complete we are on to the next list. We plan out our life in a way that keeps us checking off all the “To Do’s. This isn’t always a bad thing, but it is something to ponder if once the list is complete, you aren’t experiencing any joy, fulfillment, self-connection, or passion. We are not robots. We are not Human Doings. We are not here to survive and disconnect from the deeper truth of who we are. We are here to thrive and connect to the inner longings of our spirit.

We’ve heard the phrase,” we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  This means that we must lead our lives from the inside out. It requires getting really clear about who we are, not what the rest of the society has decided we are and not what our family, friends and culture would like us to be. Only we can know what truly makes our heart sing. Only we can decide what feels right for us. Only we can decide what our soul longs to experience. If we are so busy doing, doing, doing and living in our head, how will we ever know who we truly are at the heart level? How will we know what ignites the fire in our belly and passion in our soul? We simply won’t.

We must take the time to slow down. We must take the time to shut off all the noise that surrounds us. We must take the time to travel within and connect to our real desires. And I don’t mean our Ego driven desires that the mind tells us we should want and become so that we fit in, feel safe and accepted, but our real heart centered desires that allow us to shake things up, feel empowered and feed our soul.

This is an inside job and the only person to do it is YOU. It’s a job worth taking – your destiny is counting on you.

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