Awaken Your Truth



How do we know when we are traveling on the road of our truth? One good clue is that we will find ourselves on the road less traveled. What does this really mean? It’s the road that your logical mind would never choose. It’s the road that only the soul can choose simply because it knows it’s a road worth taking regardless of the outcomes. To the soul, this less traveled road is so much more rewarding than any particular destination.  It’s the road with many twists and turns. Its the road that has many steep hills. It’s the road that leaves you with no certain destination, but it always offer a miraculous journey filled with strength and weakness, fear and love, pain and pleasure. It offers the invitation to remember who we are at our core and to fully understand that we are both human and divine. It’s the road that allows us to se our magnificence and our brilliance even in the midst of hardship and struggle. It’s the road that offers many paths, but regardless of which path is chosen, they all lead to the fulfillment of our heart.

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