Awaken Your Truth

We all have heard that saying “The truth will set you free” Well if this is so true, then why do we work so hard to avoid it? The following are 10 reasons why we may resist knowing, feeling, seeing and hearing the deeper truth within us.

  1. Avoiding the truth “feels” easier than facing it head on. This idea may appear to be true, but it’s actually the more difficult path. It is the path that keeps us from experiencing genuine fulfillment, joy, growth and love.
  2. Avoiding the truth will keep us from the deep knowing that we are ultimately the only one responsible for what we are experiencing. When we commit to facing the truth we clearly can see that there is nobody left to point the finger at and nobody left to blame.
  3. Avoiding the truth keeps us from feeling any kind of real emotion. Often we are taught to put our attention only on the “good” emotions and ignore the “bad ones. The truth is all of our emotions are valuable and necessary and are there to process and learn from.
  4. We avoid facing the truth because deep down we hold the knowing that truth has the ability to create permanent change. Even though we may know on some level that it will result in positive change, we are resistant to this because any kind of change takes us out of our comfort zone.
  5. Facing the truth has the ability to shatter everything we have ever believed about who we thought we were. This means we must have the willingness and the courage to go within and redefine and recreate who we are from the inside out. This can be deathly frightening to the Ego.
  6. Facing the truth often requires letting go of everything that keeps us limited and the idea of letting go can feel extremely scary because we don’t know what is waiting on the other side. (This is where we must trust that what’s waiting for us is always for our highest good)
  7. Facing the truth will often result in us uncovering aspects of ourselves that initially may cause us tremendous discomfort. We will discover that we have been hiding these parts of ourselves due to fear of what others may think of us. The truth is these are the very parts of ourselves that will “Set us free”
  8. Facing the truth means we may have to disappoint those around us. Why would we want to deliberately do this when most of us were taught that it’s not acceptable to disappoint others?
  9.  Facing the truth means we will have to make “hard” choices. These choices may feel risky to the Ego, but they are certainly safe and exciting to the soul. The scarier the choice feels, the more likely we are headed in the direction of our truth.
  10. Facing the truth leaves us with an abundance of freedom and freedom can initially be perceived as extremely overwhelming. In truth, this freedom leaves us with the knowing of who we really are. And when we know who we really are, we get to use this freedom in our very own unique and creative way that will be of high service to the world. And that is all this world needs – your truth filled service to humanity.

Face your truth. Uncover it. Own it. Embrace it. Love it. The world desperately needs your True Self.


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