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“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”  -Ophrah

It’s in troubled times that we discover the value of friendship. I once heard someone refer to friend-ship – as a boat that helps you sail through rough and turbulent waters. Be it illness, financial difficulty, separation and divorce or the loss of someone near and dear, real friends come forward and give solace and support.

Some people may feel that sharing tears and fears with others is showing a sign of weakness, but sharing these heartfelt experiences helps us to release negative emotions and come to some understanding and clarity.

Without out having friends to listen and offer insights, the world would be much more dull and dreary. Good friends are there to lift us up when we fall, to keep us on track with our goals and to help support us when we’re down. I also love Abraham Lincoln’s attitude. He said, “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” Go Abe!

Being a good friend is as important as having good friends. Together we can make a little piece of the world brighter and happier. Our best friends help us to see the good in us when we can’t see beyond our own faults and they help to keep us real when we put ourselves way up above the rest of the world. A true friend is priceless and often, like Ophrah said, we only know their value when we go through challenges.

What does friendship mean to you and how will you nurture your friendships today?

Bio: Debra Moffitt is the award winning author of Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life and “Garden of Bliss”. A visionary, dreamer and teacher, she’s devoted to nurturing the spiritual in everyday life. She leads workshops on spiritual practices, writing and creativity in the U.S. and Europe. More at and on Facebook at:

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