Awake in the World

Do you feel it in the air? Things feel different, more vibrant and alive. At the same time there’s a sense of uncertainty about the existing traditions, patterns and structures around us. It’s as if new energy and creative life are working their way into us and into our planet, but many of the physical structures we’re familiar with are slow to adapt. The energies need new containers, new forms and new institutions to come into. While some of the existing social structures and institutions including some businesses are contracting, trying to control outcomes in selfish ways and hold onto power, the new energies that are entering into us and our world are opening us to higher levels of consciousness. These elevated levels give us access to finding creative, innovative and surprising solutions to the problems we face both individually and on a global level. They bring a new found freedom, a greater sense of cooperation and oneness.

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a leading visionary in perceiving the coming shifts. When I met her in October, she spoke of the breakdowns that she foresees. As a vibrant 81 year old who collaborated with Buckminster Fuller and others, she does not incite fear about the changes in the air. Instead, she perceives these shifts as opportunities for breakthroughs to new levels of creativity and possibility.

I feel we’re experiencing some of this during the holiday season. People are sick of the consumerism, the piped in Christmas carols, the commercials and media that feeds on insecurity and promises a false sense of happiness if you’ll only buy this item. More and more friends and family are choosing instead to spend quiet, at-home time together, sans gift-giving as a central stress and focus. They choose to value the time they have and listen to each other’s stories rather than turn on the TV and buy into the hype.

As this year moves more deeply into the coldest and darkest period in our hemisphere, it’s an opportunity to go inside and pay attention to what your Spirit is calling you to do. It’s no longer an option to follow the herd or ask others for answers, though good friends and wise family members can offer valuable feedback. What is your heart yearning for this season? Will you have the courage to trust it?

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