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“Patient and regular practice is the whole secret of spiritual realization. Do not be in a hurry in spiritual life. Do your utmost, and leave the rest to God.” – Swami Shivananda In American culture we want our desires fulfilled […]

Did you know that you can sow love into the foods you eat? Soyana, a Swiss company, includes “loving-consciousness” as one of its main principles. Founder, Walter Danzer, encourages all of Soyana’s employees to meditate to achieve this. In the […]

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to experience sacred dance at a women’s conference. The experience left me radiating with vibrant energy. It brought an experience of joy that I don’t get from meditation.  One of the women […]

We are the hero of our own story.–Mary McCarthy We make choices everyday to be a zero and make no effort or to become spiritual heroes to ourselves and those around us.Elevated souls like the Buddha, Jesus, Ramakrishna, Mohammad, Krishna […]

When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous. – Wayne Dyer Remember as a child […]

Journaling is a way of taking a trying experience and finding the nugget of gold in it.  Our word choices and the stories we tell can create and form our experience of life and altar our future.  An exercise from […]

A kind, soft spoken word can change the course of our lives and touch those around us.  Though most of us rarely take time to think of how we speak and think language provides the one element that separates humanity […]

This time of year our thoughts turn to things to be grateful for and for ways to express it. We have Thanksgiving or what I like to call Gratitude Day where we have a chance to gather and appreciate the […]

Working with dreams is one of the most exciting and creative things we can do. They open the door to one of the most creative aspects of ourselves. Dreams can predict the future, warn about directions not to take and […]

Wisdom or jnana, in Sanskrit, is a spiritual path recognized by ancient wisdom traditions. It means using inquiry, contemplation and reflection to discover the Truth. Truth with a capital “T” relates to the absolute, unchanging reality. Two kinds of truth […]