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Without the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether, there would be no physical life as we know it. All things and beings manifested on Earth are made up of these five elements. When we respect nature and […]

The lotus is an extraordinary symbol in the East. It grows with its roots deep in mud and yet out of the gunk grows a singular, exquisite pink flower. As the lotus grows – so too the individual can grow. […]

In Western culture, we tend to think of youth as the most important time of life. But in India and the yogic tradition, there are four stages of life and each one holds duties, responsibilities and opportunities. The stages are […]

“If you cannot do the work you love, learn to love the work you do.” – Sathya Sai Baba When life gives us the fortune to have a job, we may not like the duties. It’s easy to complain and […]

Butterflies go through an incredible journey. They start out as larvae; next they become caterpillars and they eat a lot, romp on the ground and finally they attach to a leaf or tree and enshroud themselves with a fine and […]

Bhakti or devotion is one of the ways to merge in God-consciousness. Sri Ramakrishna, an Indian saint who lived in the 1800’s, expressed a deep and powerful devotion to his preferred goddess, Kali. Through his absolute love for her and […]

Sexuality is a natural part of the human experience. On the spiritual path some ignore it or revile it as bad. But when done with the right person in a respectful and loving way, with a consensus and at the […]

Western society considers playtime for adults as unproductive and a waste of time. But some of our best ideas can come in when we’re focused on doing some other fun and creative activity. I find that scheduling time to be […]

In Europe, very often people do business with you only once they get to know you. It mystifies many Americans, but signing a contract or doing a deal doesn’t come first – people and relationships do. This doesn’t mean kowtowing […]

We may not always be able to choose what happens to us, but we can choose to shift our perspective and look at events as comical, interesting, or as a form of protection. Recently I heard actress and singer, Katie […]