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Those Republicans who failed to keep their promise to repeal Obamacare, a promise that they repeatedly made over a span of some seven years, will get their comeuppance. Given their failure, as well as the obscene moral posturing in which […]

As soon as John McCain had been diagnosed with brain cancer, Democrats and Republicans in Washington and the press spared no opportunity to lavish praise upon this lifelong government employee. McCain deserves none of the tributes that have been paid […]

I have recently encountered folks, including friends, who, upon having vigorously supported Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, now claim to have become disenchanted with him. Whether it is because President Trump lobbed cruise missiles into Syria; continues to permit Third World […]

That the Democrat Party holds fewer political offices now than at any time since the 1920s does not mean that the left is losing.  Conversely, just because Republicans have been winning elections does not mean that the right is winning. […]

In previous articles, I wrote about the difference between Fake News and fake journalism. The two, I showed, are inseparable in practice. However, they are indeed separate concepts. Fake News is the final product, the end or outcome produced by […]

There is a difference between Fake News, on the one hand, and fake journalists, on the other. Fake New refers to the end product.  What make a fake journalist a fake journalist are the motives that drive the latter.  Ultimately, […]

Last week, CNN thrust itself into what could very well be the biggest scandal in the history of the American media. And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving group of people. However, that the fake journalists at CNN […]

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine from Alabama shared on his Facebook wall an article from Alabama Political Reporter by a Mr. Josh Moon. The title is, “An Apology for White People.” Moon, a white man, writes […]

Since New York Public Theater’s Central Park rendition of Julius Caesar became the focal point of national controversy, a metaphor of the new era of political violence that Donald Trump’s election to the presidency has provoked the left to inaugurate, […]

Over Father’s Day weekend, on Friday and Sunday nights, Trump-supporting protesters crashed the New York Public Theater’s Trump-centric adaptation of Julius Caesar, demanding an end to “the normalization of political violence.”  By now, it is well known that the Central […]