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It is over a year now since Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency of the United States. Anyone who still doubts that our 45th President is anything less than a world-historic figure, a truly unique individual, and a president […]

Having fallen in love with Star Wars from the time that I first saw it in the late 1970s, it brings this 45 year-old no pleasure to concede that, for various reasons, the latest installment in the SW saga is […]

The #MeToo campaign has far-reaching implications for both feminism and the so-called Sexual Revolution to which feminism gave rise. First, the Feminist affirms a model of Woman that is, or is supposed to be, radically at odds with what she […]

One of the points for which I argue in my latest book, Christianity and the World: Essays Philosophical, Historical, and Cultural, is that the civilization—the world—that atheist and theist alike take for granted today would be unrecognizable to itself if […]

I know far less than I should know about the whole issue of so-called “Net Neutrality.” That being said, and in all modesty, I doubt that I know much less than most others who are weighing in on this topic, […]

If you’re a parent who is giving consideration to refinancing your home for the sake of sending your child off to a university, you may want to reconsider. Most parents, doubtless, regard college as nothing more or less than a […]

During this Christmas season, when the image of the Christ-Child is more visible than it is at any other time during the year, Christians would be well-served to come to terms, perhaps for the first time, with their Lord as […]

The entire Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood sex scandal is but the most recent glimpse into the Feminist Brain. And it is not pretty. To explore the Feminist Mind is the equivalent of being inside of Space Mountain while blindfolded, for it is […]

If it hadn’t already become obvious, it is now painfully obvious that leftists, particularly the agents of the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC), have become a parody of themselves. The academic left never fails to take the lead in these matters.  A professor […]

Ever since Barack Obama infamously announced his intention to “fundamentally transform” America, the merchants of Big Conservative media, i.e. The Big Con, have seized upon this as proof of Obama’s disdain for America as it has traditionally conceived itself. It’s […]