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Recently, via social media, I’ve become friends with a Catholic priest in Nigeria.  Because of the brutal persecution to which Christians in his country are routinely subjected by Muslims, I will not disclose his name.  Just a couple of days […]

With the election of President Trump and the rise of nationalist parties across the Western world, leftists in America and beyond are having a blast self-styling as “resistors” to “fascism.” They are specifically outraged over the “Islamophobia” of the President’s […]

The left is always, but particularly in the era of Donald Trump, wailing over white Christian “supremacy.” Jeremy Scahill, writing months before the election of 2016 in The Intercept, is representative of this line of (un-)thinking. Scahill focuses specifically on […]

The 17th anniversary of September 11, 2001 is upon us and the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at Ripon College had been planning a 9/11 project. Evidently, the school’s “Bias Protocol Board” is not too enthused over it. YAF’s “9/11: […]

On its first anniversary, it is worth revisiting what we may now refer to simply as “Charlottesville.” Thanks to the assistance of Republican politicians and their apologists in Big Conservative media, the left didn’t hesitate to transform this event into […]

What is commonly referred to as “the conservative movement”—an alliance between Republican politicians and media polemicists—is what I call Big Conservatism, or the Big Con. The movers and shakers of the Big Con, though styling themselves as an alternative to […]

Charles Krauthammer, famed Fox News “all-star,” has died at the age of 68. Understandably enough, his colleagues have been effusive in their eulogizing of the man who has long been regarded as a sage of the conservative movement.  Even while […]

Unfortunately, Fake News is alive and all too well. This was witnessed in spades this past week as the Fake News/Kill Trump media lied through its fangs about the President on immigration. The Fake Newsies, at least 90% of whom […]

There are Wolves, there are Sheep, and then there are Sheepdogs. Wolves prey on the outnumbered, the weak, the unsuspecting, the vulnerable—i.e., whether the Sheep or, in a not infrequent number of cases, other Wolves who have fallen out of […]

This is the textbook illustration of the anti-Trumpers’ strategy via Donaldus Maximus: Months ago, they waxed hysteria over Trump’s bellicose tweets vis-a-vis North Korea, wailing that this mentally unstable American President was bringing us to the precipice of nuclear war. […]