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I have a Ph.D. in philosophy from Temple University, a master's degree in philosophy from Baylor University, and a bachelor's degree in philosophy and religious studies from Wingate University. I teach philosophy at several colleges in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.

In response to a recent article of mine on James Hodgkinson—the Bernie Sanders supporter and despiser of all things Republican who attempted to assassinate Republican congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia on June 14—a reader who self-identified as being “as far right […]

On June 14, a man opened fire on a group of Republican politicians and staffers who were practicing for Congress’s annual baseball game.  Before doing so, however, he was careful to verify that the men on the field were indeed […]

It’s still early yet, but, reportedly, shortly before a would-be assassin opened fire on a baseball team comprised of Republican members of Congress, hitting three of them, including House of Representatives Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, he asked Congressman Ron DeSantis […]

Barack Hussein Obama is no longer POTUS.  The Fake News media, Democrat virtually to a man and woman, is tireless in its demonization of President Donald J. Trump. Thus, it is all too easy to think that Obama is no […]

This past election cycle generally and the events that have unfolded since Donald Trump’s inauguration specifically have made at least six things abundantly clear to me. First, the left is interested in nothing more or less than total, unqualified control […]

After former FBI Director James Comey decisively undermined the Big Lie, the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy that President Trump and/or his associates “colluded” with “the Russians,” his enemies in the Government-Deep State-Media Regime began to switch tactics. There was no collusion, […]

On June 8, former FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress. His testimony drove a nail straight into the heart of the Big Lie that the D.C. Regime has spent months advancing. Shortly after Donald J. Trump and the 63 […]

The Antifa is comprised of self-avowed “antifascists,” largely young, mostly (but not solely) white millennials who dress in black and cover their faces with masks and bandannas.  These anti-Americans are the latest species of leftist political violence. They are also […]

Last week, I wrote two articles on Jeremy Christian, the “white supremacist” or “terrorist” “Trump supporter” from Portland who was none of these things. In the second of my two essays, I quoted from the affidavit for this case and […]

In a recent article on the “white supremacist,” “Islamophobic” “terrorist” attack in Portland that occurred over the Memorial Day weekend courtesy of a “Trump supporter,” I noted that, as of yet, we knew remarkably little of what actually happened. That […]