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Since the crushing, truly humiliating defeat that it suffered with the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency, neoconservatism, at least temporarily, experienced a dramatic reversal of fortunes. It isn’t, of course, that neoconservatives have gone away; and it […]

In the interest of full disclosure, I have never been a football fan. This explains why it is only now, over a year after Colin Kaepernick took his infamous knee during the national anthem, that I am bothering to address […]

While it seems that President Trump and the 86% or so of Americans who agree with him scored a decisive victory in the “culture wars” over the NFL and its Kaepernickists, no one, of whom I’m aware, has yet gotten […]

In the present controversy over the NFL, there are basically two sides. On the one side are the Kaepernickists, those professional players and their apologists who insist that in refusing to stand for the national anthem and acknowledge the American […]

My most recent article, “Columbus, the West, and the Myth of the Noble Savage,” elicited a quite surprising response from a friend that took me off guard. Although no one with whom I shared this article raised a single syllable’s […]

As of this writing, it has been a little more than a week since Stephen Paddock opened fired on some 22,000 attendees at a country music concert in Las Vegas, murdering 58 and hospitalizing over 500 more. Shortly before Paddock […]

Well, it’s Christopher Columbus Day again. And this, of course, means that it is but another occasion for leftists everywhere to repudiate their own civilization. For a few decades now, the 15th century European explorer’s face has been held up […]

All right-wing conservatives across America and beyond will be glad to know that, at long last, the left’s worst nightmare has materialized. The editors of The Courageous Conservative are as unequivocal in affirming their determination to resist the totalitarian groupthink […]

As I write this, there is only a small handful of facts, or alleged facts, that all of the talking heads in Big Media seem to agree upon regarding “the largest mass shooting in American history.” First, 64 year-old Stephen […]