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The country is in a new era.

Unfortunately, far too many of those who have grown comfortable as prominent spokespersons of the “conservative” media either don’t or won’t notice this.

These self-avowed “conservatives”—they have been on radio and television airwaves for years—continue to prattle on as if it was 1994.  They continually mock their political opponents, leftists, as “snowflakes” and the like.

Recently—I swear that I never could have imagined just a year ago that I would be writing this today—I had an epiphany: It isn’t the left that consists of whiny, nagging snowflakes.

It is precisely the foregoing “conservatives” who enjoy this distinction.

After all, while it is true that leftist activists are insufferable, the truth is that they do not just bitch and moan.  Leftists fight. 

And they fight like hell, as if their lives and those of generations yet unborn (those who they will abort) depended upon their prevailing over their enemies.

Said a friend and distinguished writer, George Soros is more “admirable” than many GOP-friendly “conservatives” with deep pockets, for at least Soros puts his money where his “filthy mind” is.

It is hard to argue with this reasoning.  Back in October of 2016, the Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and followed by their fellow travelers in the media, besieged then-candidate Donald Trump for saying, in advance of the election, that he would not automatically accept the results for fear that the election could be “rigged” to favor Clinton.  The latter described her opponent’s position as “horrifying,” a repudiation of “democracy,” and a choice for “dictatorship” over “leadership.” We were treated to lectures by politicians, like the 44th POTUS, for whom the Constitution has always been an impediment to their designs, on the honorable and noble American tradition that Trump allegedly threatened to undermine with his remarks.

Yet since Trump and the over 60 million Deplorables who voted for him defied all of the smart people, it is the Democrats who have insisted that the election outcome was “rigged” via an act of “collusion” between Vladimir Putin and Trump.

It is the Democrats who have been laboring diligently to undermine “democracy.”

It is the Democrats who have chosen their own “dictatorship” over “leadership.”

Democrats have been actively engaged in subverting the will of the American voter and the Constitution of these United States. In both respects, they have indeed assumed the persona of the Anti-American Party.

Not unlike totalitarians in other times and places, the Democrats have their equivalent of a Ministry of Propaganda, the misnamed, “mainstream media.” These are the purveyors of Fake News.  And they have their foot soldiers, the Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other groups that Democrats fund to administer terroristic activities against American citizens that refuse to vote for them.

The Democrat Party, we can say, has become a state-sponsor of sorts of terrorism.

How can any American patriot any longer imagine that peaceful and free co-existence is possible with these people?  Particularly given their antics since Trump became the President, how can any lover of liberty even remotely fathom living under Democrat rule ever again?

These, however, are not the questions that we hear asked on our daily “conservative” talk radio and television shows.  To hear the hosts tell it, one could be forgiven for thinking that nothing especially significant has changed since Trump defeated his enemies:

Along with Republicans in D.C., GOP-friendly media personalities are continually on defense, while the Democrats are continually on offense.

Democrats and their billionaires, like Soros, expend enormous resources into organizing and subsidizing massive numbers of grunts to take the battle for their causes to the streets. Meanwhile, our prominent “conservatives,” possessing as they do hundreds of millions of dollars and exerting an influence extending over millions of people, whine about the fact that the Democrats are actually walking the walk as opposed to just talking the talk.

As for those grassroots patriots who, having grown impatient with stories of Trump supporters getting beaten up by leftist thugs solely for being Trump supporters, have assembled protective organizations in defense of the property and person of innocents, our “conservatives” don’t so much as mention them on the air, let alone contribute a penny to aiding them.

Doubtless, as a general rule it’s safe to say that the objects of my criticism, like most Republican conservative voters, are genuinely better human beings than their counterparts on the left.  More than anything else, they believe in the old rule of “live and let live.” They just want to be able to build safe, peaceful, and decent communities for themselves and their families. With all of their country’s faults, they nevertheless love and are thankful for it.  Unlike the last American President and his devotees, they don’t desire its “fundamental transformation.”

I get this.  I am this.  So too was my grandfather and his cohorts when, in the early 1940s, they left their communities, traveled across the ocean, and defeated Nazism and Imperial Japan.

So too were most of the members of America’s founding generation subscribers to the principle of “live and let live”—even as they fought against and defeated the mighty British.

The point by now should be obvious.  Most Democrats are not on the streets using physical violence against their opponents, but no high-profile Democrats anywhere have unequivocally renounced the violence, much less depict its merchants as the domestic terrorists that they are.  And this is because the latter are their terrorists, co-members of “the Resistance.”

Unless “conservatives” and Republicans are willing to fight the left on the latter’s own terms; unless they are willing to “out-Alinsky” and “out-Soros” the Alinskyites and Sorosians, they ought to abandon the political war, for it is now painfully obvious to some of us that anything less than this is tantamount to surrender.

Unless one has the same tenacity as one’s opponent, one is bound to lose.



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