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Over the Memorial Day weekend, Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, boarded the MAX train in Portland, Oregon and harassed two young women who, reportedly, were in Islamic attire. Three other men, who are now being hailed as heroes, came to their […]

In response to some recent articles that I wrote in defense of honoring the memory of the Confederacy and such distinguished Confederate and American heroes as Robert E. Lee, I received some telling comments from readers who are, presumably, “conservative.” […]

The movement is underway to erase from the public square all remnants of the Confederacy. The most recent victory on this score occurred in New Orleans this past weekend when a statue of General Robert E. Lee, the last of […]

A statue of Robert E. Lee is the last of four statues commemorating the Confederacy that leftist activists in New Orleans succeeded in bringing down this past weekend. All Confederate symbols are monuments to “white supremacy,” the left assures us.  […]

The country is in a new era. Unfortunately, far too many of those who have grown comfortable as prominent spokespersons of the “conservative” media either don’t or won’t notice this. These self-avowed “conservatives”—they have been on radio and television airwaves […]

President Trump’s “first 100 days” have certainly had their share of pitfalls and disappointments (at least for many of his supporters).  This being said, they have not been nearly as bad as either the Democrats’ media propagandists or even some […]