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Perhaps more so than any other activity, politics has a way of begetting astonishing levels of dishonesty—and not just in politicians. Some recent examples: (1)It has now been disclosed that Ted Cruz, a self-avowed Christian, has “tithed” only one percent […]

That Donald Trump is no conservative is a proposition of which this conservative needs no convincing. On this score, the self-styled “conservative” contributors to the recent National Review symposium against Trump are correct. It is their conservative bona fides that […]

National Review recently sponsored a symposium of 22 “conservative” commentators who are “against Trump.” As for the specifics of their remarks, more will be said at a future time. The virtue of this symposium is that it has the potential […]

One can only hope that the Trump phenomenon will bring into the sunlight several fictions, most, but not all, of which GOP boosters have been promoting for years. The first is that there are two fundamentally opposed forces within the […]

The last GOP debate before the Iowa Caucus is over. Some thoughts: First, Donald Trump was the decisive victor. Only those who either despise Trump or who have some other dog in this race can think otherwise. Trump is by […]

Guest writer Myron Pauli, a Ph.D. in physics, argues for the need for a separation of State and Science.  As always, Dr. Pauli offers much food for thought. Most of us understand the concept of separation of church and state (government). […]

While appearing on Alan Colmes’ radio show some months ago, former presidential candidate Ron Paul expressed his belief that Trump is “almost the opposite of a libertarian” candidate. Trump, according to Paul, never expresses his desire to “give you your […]

Republished here is the second installment of Ilana Mercer’s interview with me for World Net Daily. I address questions on some of the issues with which I deal in my recently published book, “The American Offensive: Dispatches from the Front.”  […]