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On the morning of August 26, Vester Lee Flanagan, a former employee of WBDJ, shot and murdered WBDJ TV’s Alison Parker and Adam Ward on live television. He shot a third person, Vicki Gardner, who Parker was interviewing. Fortunately, the […]

Donald Trump hasn’t the most conservative of track records. His opponents in the GOP presidential field and in segments of the so-called “conservative media” have sought to discredit Trump on this score. But they are dishonest, for neither are their […]

Donald Trump may not be a conservative. His Republican opponents, both his rivals in the presidential primary contest as well as their apologists in the media, are laboring tirelessly to discredit their party’s front runner on this ground. This line […]

As I argued a few weeks ago, there are reasons for doubting Donald Trump’s conservative bona fides. But those of his critics at Fox News and in some quarters of “conservative” talk radio who level this charge against him are […]

On its face, few things on the contemporary American political scene are as puzzling as Marco Rubio fans blasting Donald Trump for not being a true “conservative.” As I’ve argued recently, given his track record, the unprejudiced observer can only […]

When Donald Trump’s critics in the Republican-friendly media blast him for not being a genuine conservative, they are correct. For roughly the last quarter of a century, Trump has spent most of his time—until about five years ago—helping to get […]

Ferguson, Missouri now stands as a microcosmic expression of black America. It seems that partisans of all stripes turn to Ferguson and, without missing a beat, boil down the staggering battery of problems plaguing “the black community” to a single […]

Now that the first of the GOP presidential debates is history, I offer some thoughts. First, that this event turned out to be the highest rated non-sports cable show ever is due exclusively to Donald Trump. Anyone with any doubts […]

Feminists and other “progressives” in America cry oppression at the mere suggestion that taxpayers shouldn’t be made to subsidize abortion services. Black (and non-black) American activists scream that “Black Lives Matter” whenever a black criminal suspect dies in an altercation […]

Pace conservatives who are scratching their heads, the outrage—indeed, the hysteria—over the killing of Cecil the lion by American dentist, Walter Palmer, isn’t all that difficult to understand. Given that Cecil was in a designated safe zone, most of us […]