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Whether he is at a conference of like minded colleagues, speaking to Joe the Plumber, or making campaign stump speeches, Barack Obama has expressed time and time again his preference for “redistribution.”  Every time he calls upon “the rich” to […]

A couple of weeks ago, while on Meet the Press, Peggy Noonan offered some advice to Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Romney, she said, “has to kick away from and define himself against what happened for the eight years of […]

In a 60 Minutes interview this past Sunday, Barack Obama touched upon a topic that, if pursued, could very well hand him an election victory come November. In response to rival Mitt Romney’s objections against his approach to Syria and […]

Just hours before writing this, some colleagues of mine at a local community college in New Jersey where I teach philosophy were busy lamenting their students’ utter lack of interest in the liberal arts.  Indeed, the phenomenon to which my […]

We now have exhibition 4,003 to prove that, at bottom, Barack Obama’s agenda is and has always been socialistic to the core. The most recent piece of evidence confirming what, by now, everyone should know all too well is an […]

Prior to his election to the presidency in 2008, Barack Obama and his supporters made us several promises. First, they promised us that if Obama is elected, American race relations will improve dramatically.  After all, the office of the presidency […]

Republican activists at this year’s Values Voters Summit are perplexed that the race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama remains tight. According to an AP story from September 15, activist R.J. Robinson put it bluntly: Romney “ought to be killing […]

Mitt Romney’s decision to honor Ron Paul with a video tribute at this year’s Republican National Convention didn’t sit well with some on the right.  In an article appearing in National Review Online, “The Problem with Paul,” Jamie M. Fly […]

All too predictably, the left has been busy at work trying to convince Americans that opposition to President Obama is motivated by the “racist” machinations of his Republican opponents. Last Thursday, for example, while addressing the Democratic National Convention, Congressman […]

Most right-leaning commentators oppose so-called “gay marriage.”  If we become the first society in all of human history to reshape marriage so as to accommodate homosexuals, the argument goes, we will weaken this most indispensable and venerable of institutions.  It […]