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Paul Derangement Syndrome (PDS) is a mental condition that, though it was first detected during the 2008 Republican Presidential primaries, has only now been identified for the dangerous disorder that it is.  Also known as “Paulophobia,” those suffering from it […]

This was originally delivered as a speech at the Liberty Political Action Conference in Reno, Nevada on September 15, 2011.   Introduction The phenomenon that has arrested our attention and that is the object of our concerns is something that […]

“Liberty” is a word that figures centrally in our political lexicon, the term around which every other revolves.   No one—neither the friends nor the foes of our traditions—who seeks a hearing in “the public square” that is our political discourse […]

Herman Cain’s unexpected victory in Saturday’s Florida Straw Poll has the media, especially the so-called “conservative” media, quite excited.  Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bob Dole each won this contest, and each eventually received their party’s presidential nomination.  Thus, […]

Republican presidential contender Herman Cain is all of the news at the moment. Cain, as everyone now knows, achieved a startling upset victory in the Florida Straw Poll.  With 37% of the vote, he received more support than GOP “frontrunners” […]

Not too long ago now, The American Spectator contributor Jeffrey Lord authored a couple of articles within which he takes to task third place Republican presidential contender Ron Paul.  Because some of Paul’s most earnest defenders have already dealt in […]

Ron Paul is persona non grata among establishment Republicans and other party loyalists—including and especially those in the mainstream “conservative” media.  On its face, the very idea that any self-professed lover of liberty should have anything but the utmost respect […]

As the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001 dawns upon us, Americans will come together to recall the happenings of that infamous day.  Ceremonies and even parades will occur in cities and towns around the country as television and radio […]

As the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001 approaches, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg finds himself at the center of controversy.  As it turns out, it is the mayor’s decision to exclude clerics from participating in the commemorative ceremony scheduled […]