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From the time Barack Obama received the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, his detractors to his right have repeatedly lambasted him for his disdain for the Constitution.  From FOX News personalities to talk radio hosts, many are the self-professed champions of […]

If ever we needed proof that politics is a land of make believe, the recent killing of Osama bin Laden is it. The world is certainly a better place without this terrorist in it.  But to judge from the orgasmic […]

Some readers of this column will no doubt remember the popular 80’s television series Dallas.  Although the show ran for 14 seasons, due to what may have amounted to one of the biggest blunders in television history—the exiting of a […]

Among pundits on the right, there has been disagreement for quite some time over the fundamental motives informing President Obama’s agenda.  Essentially two schools of thought on the matter have emerged. One school insists that while the president’s policy prescriptions […]

A few weeks ago, President Obama informed us that Osama bin Laden, the internationally recognized founder of Al Qaeda who will be forever associated in our collective consciousness with the terrorist attacks of 9/11, had been killed in a clash […]

Interestingly, in spite of the fact that our generation is probably as loquacious a generation as there has ever been, there is relatively little conversation to be found in it.  We are a chatty people, to be sure, but we […]

The Republican Party against which the American voter cast his vote in ’06 and ’08 is the party of George W. Bush, the party of “Compassionate Conservatism.”  It is incumbent upon Republicans generally, and the next Republican presidential candidate specifically, […]

Over the last couple of weeks, many on the right have complained about President Obama’s lack of “leadership” vis-à-vis the current world scene.  Just the other night, while I was on the phone with him, a good friend of mine […]

Now that he has successfully defended his thesis, a good friend of mine is scurrying to make final revisions so that his advisor can sign off on it.  Although considerations of race and gender seem to be conspicuously irrelevant to […]

For quite a while, I contemplated opening an account with facebook.  A few months ago, I set aside what reservations I entertained and decided to go for it. Admittedly, neither the desire to “reconnect” with old acquaintances nor any other […]