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This Mercury retrograde period may be more challenging than some, especially during the first week (beginning around now until the 18th of December when Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius. Mercury is in Capricorn now, where it wants to organize things […]

A reader on my Facebook page asked a really good question:  “how does [Mercury retrograde] work with a New Moon and we are supposed to start new things??” Mercury retrograde periods are more appropriate for reviewing, re-doing, re-visioning, and renovating than for […]

Last week’s Wall Street roller coaster ride occurred under Mercury retrograde, but I didn’t realize that the crash in October 1987 also occurred under a cloud of technological suspicion.  Like the May 6 event, there were no major news events that […]

Mercury has slowed down to a crawl as it prepares to change direction tomorrow, so don’t be surprised if business matters or travel plans are stalled today.  It will take Mercury a few days to begin traveling at a normal […]

When Mercury is retrograde, I spend much of my time assuring clients that not everything will fall apart during these periods.  If problems do occur, though, it sure does make it easier to know that Mercury is retrograde and that […]

Mercury will turn retrograde on April 18th at 12:06 am EDT (4:06 am GMT).  Mercury, being the messenger god and the lord of communication, presides over all aspects of communication  including the mental processing of experiences.  Mercury also rules small […]

by Lynn Hayes What happens when Mercury and Mars are retrograde at the same time?  Usually not such a vivid example as this: Three Malaysian churches have been firebombed in as tensions over the use of the word Allah by […]

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.  You can see the positions of today’s planets here.  The Moon has moved into peaceful Libra now, where the desire […]

( graphic borrowed from turns retrograde on March 2, 3:30 pm EST. Because planets travel at different speeds, sometimes they appear to move backwards as we observe them from our vantage point on Earth. Astronomers call this “retrograde motion.” […]

Mercury is “stationary direct” today, meaning it has slowed down to a near stop before making its turn into forward motion tomorrow evening. Because astrology views planets from our perspective on earth, occasionally the planets appear to be moving backwards, […]