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Deirdre has a great article today on the upcoming eclipses this summer: Although we have a month to go, I consider eclipse season to be in full swing now. The June 8 lunation opened a door to some specific geometry: […]

Sunset Activation, by Francene Hart One of the more interesting things about planetary activity this month is the fact that Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are all slowing down to a “station” as they prepare to change direction. Jupiter […]

Dharmaruci is back, and has a wonderful post about the Clinton/Obama mashup. He predicts that the Clinton candidacy will unwind when Pluto retrogrades this month, and connects the Obama candidacy to the Hero’s Journey in Jungian terms: “Obama’s journey so […]

The eclipse on Wednesday night is a total Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Virgo. See the NASA site for visibility maps and tables and other useful information. Lunar eclipses occur at the Full Moon when the Moon and the Sun […]