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“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.” —Alexander Graham Bell This morning as I was walking my dog I listened to a podcast of This American […]

Perhaps it’s purely coincidence that there have been three big lightning strikes over the past few days as Jupiter and Uranus conjoin at zero degrees Aries, the most fiery of fire signs.   It began last week when a man’s […]

by Lynn Hayes Jupiter enters Pisces tonight (Eastern time), beginning a five month period of either (a) an expanded awareness and consciousness of the divine creativity and wisdom that flows through us all, or (b) a trip into fantasy realms […]

by Lynn Hayes Jupiter changes direction today, moving forward again after several months of retrograde travel.  When planets change direction they slow down to a crawl and their influence becomes more powerful than ever. Jupiter’s influence is all about good […]

by Lynn Hayes Jupiter and Chiron reached their exact conjunction on Wednesday for their second time in this cycle, just as it was discovered that a huge body in space slammed into Jupiter, giving it a bruise “as big as […]