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My friend Gary shared this article by Michael Meade and it’s so applicable to the current passage of Pluto through Capricorn.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, also known as the Greek Kronos, also known as “Father Time.”  Saturn and Capricorn […]

The National Health Interview survey found that disabilities for people between the ages of 50 and 64 are on the rise, a statistic that contrasts with a decline in disabilities for people aged 65 and over.   The age group […]

I’m back in town and scrambling to catch up today, but there’s a big argument going on at the Astro Dispatch which mirrors the lively discussion on my reposted Boomsday article from a few days ago.  Check it out here. […]

by Lynn Hayes Generations of people can be defined by the sign that Pluto was traveling in at the time of the birth of that population group.  The Pluto in Leo generation, the “baby boomers,” are famous for being self-involved […]

photo by Jo Lidbetter Barack Obama will be our first president born with Pluto in Virgo.  The past two presidents, Bill Clinton and George W Bush, were both from the Pluto in Leo generation, embodying the best and the worst […]