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Tonight we’ll have a special Musings on Astrology radio show to discuss the upcoming changes of the next few years that I’ve been writing about in the Transformation of 2012 series. The hour-long show will begin at 7 pm Eastern […]

This is Part I of a series that I will be posting on my website this week. I’m also doing a special radio show on Wednesday, March 3, at 7 pm Eastern on Blog Talk Radio.  Stay tuned for more […]

The Full Moon occurs on January 19th at 4:21 pm Eastern at the 29th degree of Cancer. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so the Moon is particularly powerful during the Cancerian Full Moon. Like the Moon, […]

Stories like this have been circulating in the news media like wildfire over the past few days as astronomers discover something that astrologers have known for nearly 2000 years, that the zodiac that we use in Western astrology does not line […]

Please see my earlier article for preliminary thoughts. I’ve now found an unverified date of birth for the shooter (September 10, 1988, time and place unknown)  from his apparent 2007 criminal record.   Loughner has both the Sun and Moon in Virgo but […]

The shooting yesterday of Gabrielle Giffords yesterday along with seventeen others, which left six people dead including a child who, in curious synchronicity, was born on September 11th, has had a profound effect on Americans everywhere.  Unlike the other mass […]

The Full Moon on December 21st is at the last degree of Gemini and it occurs on the same day as the Solstice, a relatively rare event.  There is a fair amount of dispute on the web as to exactly […]

In the story of the Wikileaks cables that has dominated the news over the past month or so there are two big players.  The first is Julian Assange, whose mysterious past and controversial present has captivated the curiosity of newshounds […]

As you know if you follow my Facebook page, over the past week or so we have seen a challenging alignment of these three planets which culminated on December 13th.  Mercury just turned retrograde on the 10th so it is still […]

After a short hiatus, the Musings on Astrology radio show will be back tonight for a special 90-minute show on the Astrology of 2011.  What’s in store for us next year?  How will it affect us personally? Tuesday December 14th, […]