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Any time the public is swept into hysteria over a sensationalized media frenzy I tend to back away from it unless I want to use it as a magnet to attract traffic to the blog.  I believe that this kind […]

Over the past few months I have read lots of exciting news about Comet Elenin – that it could be the Blue Star Kachina of the Hopi Prophecy, heralding the end times, or that it is actually Planet X, the […]

sorry for the inconvenience! There was some bad code but it’s been repaired. Here’s the link to the June Skywatch.

I am having technical issues and for some reason right now Skywatch is only visible for me in Firefox, I can’t see it in Chrome or Internet Explorer.  If you can see it you’ll find it here. In any case, […]

The Shriver/Schwarzenegger breakup isn’t the only scandal to hit the newswire just as the Scorpio Moon reached its fullness. IMF Fund Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested on Saturday, May 14th for sexual assault on a hotel maid, although the major […]

Having sat and chatted around the table with Dharmaruci last summer when I was in England, I know how interesting a conversation with him can be.  Dharmaruci runs an astrology blog called Astrotabletalk that is one of the more interesting ones out […]

Sorry folks, Beliefnet just migrated us to a WordPress platform and I couldn’t post for a week.  I’m inputting the posts for the last week so please scroll down to see the new posts!  Thank you for your patience. 🙂

In a stunning display of astrological synchronicity, it turns out that the reactor (known as Unit 3) in the Fukushima nuclear plant that exploded yesterday is more toxic than the other reactors because of the fuel that’s been used there. […]

This is the conclusion to a three-part article.  You can catch up on Part I here, and Part II here. The gods are kind and they will be gracing us with a number of powerful harmonious transits to accompany the stressful times.  […]

Sorry about the delay, folks!  But my March report is posted and you can read the whole article here.  Meanwhile, here is the introduction to get you started on the month and I’ll have a more complete article on the New […]