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Universe Today reports that a storm on Saturn has turned into a monster storm, at least ten earths’ wide. Saturn has exhibited storms before, and I wrote about the one in 2006 here, but the current storm is so huge that it is […]

If you follow Spaceweather, you might have noticed that they keep track of something called the Planetary K index.  Yesterday afternoon there was a strong solar wind stream that stimulated a higher level of geomagnetic activity and a K-index reading of […]

Brrrr!!!!!!!!  If you can stay up past midnight tonight and tomorrow, you may enjoy the treat of hundreds of meteors falling before your very eyes. The Geminids appear to emanate from the constellation of Gemini, but evidently originate from an […]

Astrologers chuckle when we hear people say that Pluto is no longer a planet.  Try telling that to someone going through a gnawingly agonizing Pluto transit!   But ever since Pluto was reclassified (some say “demoted”) a few years ago, […]

Two satellites peering at the sun have snapped photos of Mercury’s long, comet-like tail, but it took an amateur astronomer to bring the pictures to light. The twin satellites are part of NASA’s Stereo (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) mission. They […]

Wow, is all I can say.  Saturn’s not all cold and darkness, it has a beautiful side.  Perhaps that’s why it’s exalted in Libra! Photo from the Daily Galaxy  more information here…

Jupiter is approaching a close encounter with the Earth, which will make it appear beautifully bright in the sky.  The night of the closest contact will be September 21st, very close to the Autumn Equinox, but until then it will […]


Interesting timing, as Jupiter and Uranus continue their conjunction in Pisces, blowing apart (Uranus) the conventional wisdom and accepted belief systems (Jupiter) having to do with all that is transcendent and beyond ordinary understanding (Pisces). Stephen Hawking has created a […]

Astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term Supermoon to describe the Full Moon at perigee when it’s closest to the Earth.   Last night’s Full Moon was at apogee and at its furthest from Earth, so the Moon appeared about 15% smaller than usual. The […]