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    I’m the best friend astrology could have. You can read about the complete me in any book on astrology.

    I was born September 17, 1925 at 4:51 P.M.C.S.T. in Houston, Texas—Virgo with Aquarius rising. I communicate best when I’m working on a bigger than life goal.

    With the Sun conjunct Mars, I’m compelled to reach for the moon. My enthusiasm is catching, especially with young people. I’ve just published “In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012.”

    With my moon in Virgo, I was not an emotional youth, and able to reasonably respond to difficult situations. With my Sun conjunct the moon, I could see things two ways, but, alas, with my moon in opposition to Uranus, my nonconforming attitude ignored the feelings of others.

    With my Mercury in Virgo, my mind worked well and I was good at details. I salvaged the last bit of evidence to make things work. Add the fact that my Mercury was trine Jupiter. I could find solutions to the worst problems. Also, add the fact that Mercury was sextile Saturn. I was a heavy thinker. And finally, add my Mercury sextile Pluto. I loved to examine and analyze, especially the psychological makeup of people. But unfortunately, my Mercury was square M.C. My outstanding perceptions turned people off.

    My Venus in Scorpio, passionate in love and loyal to my love partners, but Neptune opposing my Ascendant meant I’d always hold back because of what my imagination told me about my love partners. They never lived up to my expectations.

    After my second failed marriage, along with my business enterprise going on the rocks, my anger and blame was sublimated by a bigger than life calling. My Uranus had transited to a position opposing itself when I was born. It meant change. I reinvented myself.

    The outstanding feature in my astrological makeup was Saturn trine Pluto. Saturn, the learning planet, keeps us from getting carried away. It limits our thoughts and actions. It defines and clarifies. Pluto, the planet of profound change inside us, it gives us no choice but to change and grow. It is the whole experience, our total identification, and that our lives are our own creation. Our goal is to become selfless and universal in our thoughts. Pluto is the generational planet. We are entering a new age. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

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