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Sunday inspiration: Trusting the future

trust the futureAstrologers have a reputation, which we ourselves and our forbears have propagated, of being able to foretell the future.  If you run a Google search for “Can astrology predict the future,” the very first article is from a well-known astrology site titled “Predicting the future with astrology.”

The hunger to know the future is not, of course, limited to astrology.  Climatologists, stockbrokers, economists – all are paid to predict the future.  All fail miserably.


In our personal lives we long to know the outcome of our personal situations.  As one client brilliantly wrote me in frustration that astrology could not provide a clear map for him, “It is difficult for me, who feels blind about many things in life, to see a possible path to the answers, and that I feel on the edge of great personal discoveries, without the ability to really obtain them.”  I have certainly experienced those same feelings, and for many years I studied every aspect of my life through an astrological lens, hoping to find a clue to the future.

It’s just not possible.

It’s not possible to know the future because we are on a journey of self-discovery.  Religious people have a hard and fast belief system that tells them what their future holds, and for many that blind faith offers comfort.  I am a person that needs to experience things to believe them, and what I CAN tell you is that after over 30 years as a student and practitioner of astrology I have learned to really trust the planets.  The painful changes that we are forced to make under a Pluto transit can be seen through the eyes of hindsight as having been extremely beneficial.  The hardships of a Saturn/Sun conjunction are later seen as having developed great resilience.  If we pay close attention, we begin to see a pattern that each experience unfolds with purpose and leads to a future that we are more ready to face and embrace with trust.


This trust of the planets is echoed in a letter I received from a client a couple of years ago which I made the centerpiece of a blog post. The planets are only a reflection of the greater Wisdom of the Universe that supports and facilitates all life and all experiences.

For me, the observation of the planets on behavior, which after all is what astrology really is, has given me a closely personal experience of that Wisdom and a trust that the unseen celestial allies and teachers are guiding me through what sometimes seems to be a blind morass of decisions over which I have no control.  These teachers instruct from within – they are that voice that says “Follow your heart.  Do not be afraid.”  The voice  that we so often disregard and later realize was the correct one.  Whether you think of this voice as being from a god or from your spirit guides, or your guardian angel or your spirit allies – it is the voice of your higher self that is always with you, providing assistance along the path.

So when we feel that we are on a path that is twisting out of control, and feel blind and powerless to control the outcome, seek out that inner voice and see what it has to tell you. We are here to succeed on this journey and while we may make mistakes along the way, it’s the journey itself that provides the answers.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Unity

    If you consider the fact that there really are individuaals who have, very accurately predicted all that is happening presently, along with what has already come to pass,maybe your opinion of “all failing miserably” should be restructured.
    Ron Paul, has long predicted, on the money, a number of economical outcomes as well as civil libirty issues. Also, if you have never heard of Gerald Celente, he is another person who offered investors a precise prediction on where the market was heading and made himself well known all over the World for those and other controversial predicted issues.
    Perhaps predicting through astrology hasn’t proven all that successful yet, but please don’t be so quick to dismiss the abilities of others without first doing your research.
    That being said, I do enjoy your blog and certainly mean no disrespect.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cheri y.

    It’s the answer to the age-old question…fate or free will. The answer is both! The reason we cannot know the future is because of the wild card, free will. The planets will show us the energies that we will experience,even the range of the spectrum, but only our free will determines what we do with that energy.

  • Raheel Farooq

    I agree with you, Unity!

  • axiom

    i now trust my future , from work to my daily life 😛

  • Jay

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have worked with the tarot for over 17yrs and I am always telling people that nothing is written in stone. To believe that our destinies are written in the stars, the cards or the Financial Times, is to give up hope and to relinquish all control of our lives. We are on a ship, and that ship is on a trip, sometimes on choppy waters, but we decide where we want to go on that ship.

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  • ricky jordan

    Your Blog is truly informative for me and i am so grateful to you for sharing this informative post here. really great job done by you.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment C

    Knowing when to think with your heart or to think with your mind, therein lies the wisdom. We are all on this journey of life here on the earth for however long it takes to fulfill our purpose and help one another, to share our love, peacefully and to find answers to eternal questions of what is and why we are here; to realize we are one with the universe.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Alura Simone

    I’m confused. Is this Lynn Hayes? Why do you have her picture associated with this blog when it is no longer hers, since you stole it? BTW, it’s really lame what you did to her and her blog and I am no longer going to visit this website. What a sham.
    And I’m NOT a Mormon.

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    I am going to start a new venture in this month? What are favorable dates so that I will have bright future in my business ?

  • Joanna

    Wow, what a thought provoking article, definitely opened my eyes to how I’ve been thinking and feeling about the future. I’m now going to look upon the future as a journey of self discovery :)

  • Jennifer

    Love the quote about being on a journey of self discovery; it really struck a chord with me :)

  • Kevin B. Burk

    Thanks for a wonderful article! I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    I’ve been exploring this distinction quite a bit of late. One of my mantras with clients and students is “Astrology does not predict behavior.”

    What I’ve realized is that there’s a difference between an event and how we experience an event. Astrology is very good at predicting events — it can’t always give you the specifics of what will happen, but a skilled predictive astrologer can tell you that SOMETHING will happen.

    How we experience that event, however, is behavior. This is where the whole “Free WIll” question comes into play. We are always at choice as to how we experience or perceive the events in our lives.

    When we change how we tell the story, or expand our level of consciousness, the meaning and context of the event transforms. Consciousness is the third dimension of astrological interpretation, and it’s the one that’s usually ignored or misunderstood.

    We can choose to give up our power and be limited by appearances, or we can choose to look for the higher truth, and become happy.

  • Harry Richard

    Great article, it really resonated with me. It really makes you stop and think about your life, and how you view it :)

  • Walt Berg

    Great valuable article! We all make mistakes because the “voice” tells us what to do but we are always smarter and try to use our free will.

  • Sunil Saini

    amazing article.
    it makes you to think about your life and change the view of the life.

  • nidhijain1221

    Excellent article,the astrology is big thing to improve human life. a person need to change his/her life by astrology techniques.
    Get your lost lover back in life

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