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Mars and the London Riots

Disaffected young people have been rioting in England since the shooting on August 4th of a young suspect (Mark Duggan, age 29 and in his Saturn Return) during an arrest for gun crime in Tottenham in North London.  The riots began as a peaceful protest in Tottenham and escalated to full spread rioting and vandalism, spreading to other areas of London as well as Liverpool, Manchester and other working class cities in England.

Mars entered Cancer on August 4th.  In the emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer, Mars can be very touchy and reactive and as soon as Mars entered Cancer it began to form challenging aspects to Uranus (radical and rebellious activity) and Pluto (death and transformation of the power centers).  As you know if you’ve been reading this blog, we are just entering a four-year period in which Uranus and Pluto will be challenging each other in the sky, during which rebellion (Uranus) against the power structures (Pluto) is somewhat inevitable.


This is the opening square of a cycle of these two planets that began in the 1960s when Uranus and Pluto conjoined in Virgo.  At the time there was a tremendous rebellion against the conservative values (Virgo) of the 1950s and a great deal of pressure to create a new culture of freedom (Uranus).  In order to create something completely new, often something old must be destroyed.

The square (90 degree) aspect creates a crisis that must be resolved, so with Uranus in Aries in a square to Pluto in Capricorn any areas of the world in which liberty (Uranus) for the individual (Aries) is being subjugated by the power elite (Pluto) and the structures that embody that power (Capricorn), the planetary atmosphere is such that conflict is sure to occur.


Mars moves quickly and its cycles last only a few days, but it often serves to ignite the larger cycles.  In July the approaching square of Uranus and Pluto came within a degree, as tight an aspect as it will be until next year, but it wasn’t until Mars got involved that the firestorm of rage in England was ignited.  The young people that are burning down buildings and looting destroyed stores likely don’t know a thing about the death of young Mark Duggan but instead have been caught up in the thrill of rebellion.  One girl that was interviewed by the BBC said “this is our chance to show the rich people and the police that we can do what we want.”  You can clearly hear the voice of Uranus in Aries here flipping a finger to the Pluto in Capricorn power structures.


Young people in England began protesting and rioting against job cuts back in March of last year when Uranus entered Aries where it will travel for the next seven years (it dipped a toe into Aries but quickly retrograded back into Pisces).  Tottenham, where the riots began, has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  With no jobs and no prospects, a huge subclass of individuals who live outside of conventional society is rising up but that is just one piece of the rioting picture.  The rioting population appears to embrace all cultures and all races in these poor London communities.

Mars made an exact square to Uranus yesterday, so the culmination of the rebellion has likely passed.  But now Mars is approaching an opposition aspect to Pluto that won’t peak until tomorrow (Thursday August  11th) at which time the opposition from police and other governmental bodies will likely take over.  As the opposition firms up the crowds are likely to scatter, but that doesn’t mean that the chaos will go away permanently, especially on the eve of the Uranus/Pluto square.

  • Azizi

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been looking for astrological information about these London riots.

    Btw, Tottenham Riots-The Truth is a video of an extemporaneous interview with a man from Tottenham. In that video the man cites sociological reasons for the riot, and indicates that the spark for that riot wasn’t Mark Duggan death. Instead, he maintains (and I’ve read this elsewhere), that the real spark was the confrontational actions that the police took against a 16 year old girl who was part of the peaceful protest that occurred after death of Mark Duggan as a result of police shooting. Maybe the girl’s age and the community’s protective instincts [Mars in Cancer] might help explain why these riots occurred.

    I posted a transcription of the above mentioned interview on my website at
    I did so partly for the historical record, and also to increase access to the video for those who have hearing loss. Also, I think what the man said and how he said it would make a great, thought provoking theatrical monologue.

  • Azizi

    Also, I meant to ask what are the links between the astrological chart of the United Kingdom, or England, or London and the aspects right now?

    • Lynn Hayes

      I’m afraid I haven’t analyzed that Azizi.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment MarAli

    I don’t watch the news so I appreciate this. Wow…Uranus in Aries…what a time to be alive!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Kathy

    Interesting that with Uranus involved the news says that the young people are using texting, cell phones and Twitter to plan their next target. Like a flash mob riot.

  • http://aspectsaffectingdifferentcountries Kim

    I’m sort of echoing Azizi’s question….but how do all of the mentioned aspects affect different countries? America’s credit rating lowered, Britain’s riots, etc….But some countries seem immune to the aspected planets.

    Truly interesting stuff.

    • Lynn Hayes

      That would be a good blog post, Kim. But my basic take on this is that the planets don’t come to cause chaos, they simply act to bring our world into balance. The same is true for nations – planetary cycles will reveal aspects of the country that need to be brought into greater balance.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Nick

    Your analysis is spot on Lynn and hits the nail firmly on the head (if that is a way to describe Mars squared with Uranus!). I would add that it is interesting to note that Mark Duggan was killed when the Moon was in Libra and the initial response it seems was one of shock but people decided to protest peacefully (justice and dialogue)however the demo took place on the Saturday when the Moon entered in Scorpio and although the initial intention was not confrontational, things quickly degenerated into a head-on collision with the police (Plutonian and Martial energy charged with strong emotional sentiment, challenging the powers that be). Result a full scale riot, Scorpio letting rip all that intense anger built up over so many years of indifference and strong -arm tactics (police, the state in general). On Sunday night and Monday/Tuesday the rioting reached a new level of intensity, expanding across the country in copycat riots, becoming the focal point of international news (Moon in Sagittarius) only to die down when the authorities decided to take a tougher stance and organised a lock-down nationwide (the Moon had now passed to Capricorn).
    What is interesting as well is that apart from Mark Duggan’s Saturn return, the disturbances marked a return of Saturn in so far as the previous ones that occurred (Summer 1981 – 30 years ago) and the youth throwing bricks and petrol bombs this time, are the children of the protagonists of 1981 – as the Bible says “as you sow, so you shall reap”. The Specials “Ghost Town” (No 1 in the UK charts – just when Lady Di and Prince Charles got married – this year we had William marrying Kate, another Royal Family ding dong) and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s, ” The Message” reverberate anew from the bowels of history.
    Thanks for the comments, got me thinking!

    • Lynn Hayes

      Thanks for your comments Nick, the note about the Scorpio Moon is a good one. Interesting times we live in!

  • Azizi

    I believe that Nick’s comment was referring to the riot which occurred not in 1981 but on October 6, 1985 around the Broadwater Farm area of Tottenham, North London.

    I also think it’s much too simplistic to view the recent riots as those participants of the 1980s riots “reaping what they sowed”. Instead, I think these upheavals were/are largely the result of UK’s society’s failure to correct economic disparities and failure to improve social conditions for People of Color and others living in that nation.

    Here’s a link that I found for the astrology of the recent London riot:

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