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The astrology of the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding astrologyI confess I’m not that interested in the Royal Wedding that occurs today. I wasn’t that interested in Charles and Diana’s wedding either, even though that wedding had much more of the pomp and circumstance that we associate with royalty than the more modern wedding of William and Kate.

But then I read my friend Kathryn’s analysis and the whole situation became much more interesting.  Some of the interesting facts about the royal wedding according to Kathryn:


  • The wedding date occurs on the eve of the Beltane festival, also called the Festival of Unification.
  • The ascendant for the chart of the Coronation of William in 1066, the birth of England, is at 21.57 Aries. At the time of the wedding, Jupiter (“planet of Faith and Kings” ) will be at 21.56 Aries and will cross the ascendant of the 1066 chart just after the ceremony.
  • Mars (the defender) conjoins Jupiter (the Faith) at 21 degrees Aries on the wedding day.

Kathryn’s post predicts that because of the Mars/Jupiter conjunction you will see “lots of people wearing red or shades of it” (red is the color of Mars).  Sure enough, William will wear his red army uniform to the wedding.


With Jupiter sitting right on the Midheaven of his chart, Prince William was born to the throne, but Neptune on his ascendant makes it more difficult for him to know who he really is.  (Chart of Prince Williams here.)This makes him more malleable and easy to manipulate, which in some ways may be a desirable attribute for a royal character who is really a figurehead for the country.  He’s extremely sensitive, with the Sun conjunct Moon in emotional Cancer, and was very connected to his mother, the Princess Diana.

The exact conjunction of Venus to Chiron in his chart suggests that relationships are painful for him, and it’s well known that Kate Middleton was not his first choice of a bride.  His heart was broken several times before he came to this decision, and the fact that the decision to marry came during his Saturn Return is, in my mind, problematic.


The Saturn Return occurs around age 28-30 when Saturn returns to its place in the birthchart.  These can be challenging times when we are forced to make choices to grow up rather than continue to pursue childish things.  There is a tendency for Saturn Return marriages to fail because so often the decision is made solely for the reason of taking that step into adulthood, rather than for the emotional connection that sustains a marriage.

Prince Williams Mars conjoins his Saturn and is being affected by his Saturn return as well.  Mars represents our drive and our desires, and when Saturn is present there can be some inhibition of our ability to seek our own path.  The fact that both Mars and Saturn are in Libra indicates a need to please others and to put one’s own needs aside for the sake of harmony.


Kate Middleton (see Astrotheme chart here with an unverified birth time) has the Sun in Capricorn which is perfect for taking on the responsibilities of the royal family, but it lies opposite her sensitive Cancer Moon.  This is the Full Moon aspect that suggests difficulty balancing one’s emotions.   Both ends of this opposition are squared by Saturn, and so Kate is undergoing a long-term transit of Saturn which encompasses her Sun, Moon and also her natal Saturn.  There is a great deal of glamour in a royal wedding, but also a great deal of responsibilities to come.

The new planet Eris sits right on the ascendant of this chart, and we don’t know enough about how Eris works to be able to make predictions based on this.  But because Eris is the planet of discord and change, it appears likely that Kate will be shaking up the establishment in some way.


With both having Moon in Cancer, Kate and William share a deep emotional connection that will hopefully be able to overcome the fact that there are not many points of contact between their charts.  Those points of contact create emotional connections between two people that we don’t see here, and the composite chart (the chart of the couple) shows Aquarius is rising and Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, sits right on the Midheaven of the composite chart.  Uranus and Aquarius are about social change and the good of the collective, but rather impersonal.

With a Cancer Moon in the fifth house of the composite chart, children are likely, but an exact square between the Sun and Moon suggests a lack of emotional connection that will eventually drive the two apart.  Mars also squares the Moon exactly, suggesting anger and resentment, and opposes the Sun which would encourage long periods of separation and conflict.

All in all this is not the astrology of an ideal marriage, but royal marriages are rarely for the purpose of emotional harmony and personal growth.  It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Maria

    Thank you very much for this excellent analysis Lynn. It very much compounds my own feelings of eventual disconnect between the two although I must say I wish them all the best and really hope they have a wonderful loving marriage and family. I had a vision last week of William with another lady ~ a blonde 1920’s flapper and they were both smiling happily and I did feel the match between him and Kate was a mismatch of sorts. You have only confirmed my gut feelings sadly on this. Although as we know many unhappy royal marriages remain intact whilst each leads their own separate lives. I hope this will not be their reality.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment barb

    Wills is having Neptune exactly trine his Sun in the 7th right now. He’s in love, that’s for sure! At least, he is for now…we know how Neptune can be, even if it is a trine. Kate’s birthtime is unknown, so we can’t use the Asc the author uses, nor the houses. Her Moon on his North node in his 7th is incredibly karmic. Perhaps they have work to do together in this lifetime…very fated kind of stuff. Her Venus trines his Mars and Saturn….which is rather nice, and also denotes the duty angle. There’s lots of duty going on in their chart, and a Cap Sun square Saturn is all about that, making her perfect for the royal family. I couldn’t imagine any other sign wanting to, or strong enough to take on that kind of life. Both Wills and Kate were born on eclipses…powerful placements indeed.

    They were married on a void moon! I use traditional placements, but still…its void. The next aspect the moon makes will be to conjunct Uranus on the 8th cusp in 5.5 degrees. Maybe a child?….or a split of some sort, as Uranus rules the marriage chart 7th cusp. Married at 11:25am Apr 29 in London.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Athena

    How is it possible to get an exact composite chart without Kate’s verified birth time?

    • Lynn Hayes

      Athena, I used the unverified time.

  • Gavin

    I wish their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, NOTHING but happiness, joy, fulfillment and an ability to work things out as their marriage progresses.

    There are certainly some not so choice aspects in their respective charts, but then doesn’t everybody deal with some area of incompatibility in marriage or partnership?

    Marriage/committed partnership is WORK regardless of any aspects of a couples’ chart.

    In their Royal Highnesses case, I believe their sun signs will win the day. An earth and water sign are quite well disposed, and if, in fact, both of them have Cancer Moons, they will be deeply compatible perhaps on a level that isn’t necessarily public.

    Remember, the Moon is one’s hidden side and one only let’s it out when one wants to. Nonetheless, it remains a MAJOR aspect of one’s chart.

    Capricorn usually hangs in for the haul and Cancer is, to me, the loveliest of Sun Signs.

    My parents’ marriage, in my opinion, wasn’t that well aspected astrologically either (Scorpio [Dad] & Gemini [Mom]).

    Nonetheless, they made a COMMITMENT to one another, which both respected deeply, and they were married almost 43 years before my father died in 2001.

    Marriage is a SACRAMENT in the Anglican Church (or let’s say, it is for some and not for others; one is allowed to believe either way), and a sacrament, which is a visible sign of invisible grace, bestows something VERY sacred and special spiritually on a couple

    I believe this hold true whether one is Christian or not and I use Christian language and imagery here because their Royal Highnesses are, at least nominally, Christian and were married in the Anglican Communion of the “one holy, catholic and apostolic” Christian Church.

    My hope and prayer for, and blessing on, their Royal Highnesses is that as monarchs during the early years of the Age of Aquarius, they will set a spiritual example for the world and be prominent leaders and pioneers in the raising of spiritual consciousness, which we are seeing everywhere around the globe.

    The Universe has placed this young, vibrant couple in a remarkably special place in a remarkably special time. And there are NO accidents.

    I hope the two of them individually and communally have “ears to hear and eyes to see”.

    Yes, it will be interesting to see how their marriage unfolds during this special time in the world’s history.

    Peace be with both of them and with each of Lynn’s readers.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cem

    Very good analysis and comments. I wish them full of happiness ! Kate seems to be Libra rising, just I feel

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment sandy

    I remember many years ago, I took a class on the Saros Cycles from Bernadette Brady. The one thing that really stood out was her saying that the eclipse under which William was born could very well signal that he would be the LAST monarch of England.
    I often think of that in these troubled times….

  • Dharmaruci

    I agree that there isn’t much personal contact between the two. I think that with Sun in Cap square Saturn-Pluto, a lot of it is about (unconscious) ambition on Kate’s part. With Neptune Rising opposite his Sun and Moon, William can’t see this. But on an institutional level, Kate will feel very at home.

    By the way, the 1066 chart doesn’t have Aries Rising. We don’t know the time of William I coronation.

    • Lynn Hayes

      Thanks for the tip on the 1066 chart, DR – I’ll have to ask Kathryn where that time comes from.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Marie

    Uhhh…Who else was William in love with? He met Kate nearly 10 years ago and has been with her almost exclusively. Where and when did he have time to fall in love as a proper adult and almost marry someone else pray tell?

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment barb

    Astrotabletalk has the best synopsis of the marriage chart. Check it out here

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Pink

    Don’t forget that April 29th is the Feast of Catherine of Siena, mentioned by James Middleton in his address at the wedding. 😉 Catherine of Siena was indeed a powerful magnificent being, and the quote he used was eloquent. (sorry don’t have it at hand)

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment VJ

    Since I am quite interested in historical events, past and present, the union of Prince William and Catherine Elizabeth, is indeed, another chapter in world history.

    I wish Prince William and his new bride the very best.

    Has anyone heard the rumor that Prince William and Catherine have been married for years, and that the recent ceremony was strictly for show! Perhaps this is why the Royals allowed what the public perceived as “shacking up.”


  • Treadmill Traci

    that is alot of wierd stuff that you are talking about. if all of that is true than they must have taken a long time to plan it all out.

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