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Astrological Musings

Part II: Neptune in Pisces

Here is Part I in case you missed it yesterday.

Neptune in PiscesThis time around, Neptune will be in Pisces until August 4 2011 when it will retrograde back into Aquarius until February 3 2012 at which time it will move fully into Pisces and remain there until 2025.

The transit of Neptune in Pisces this time around once again (as it did in 1848-1852) coincides with a strong aspect between Uranus and Pluto that inspires revolution and radical change and the destruction of the status quo.  The Neptunian influence can cast a spell of delusion over the fever for revolution, or it can inspire us to greater love and compassion for all of humanity.


As we move from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius, humans are waking up out of their sleep of delusion that religious dogma has cast over the world during the past 2000 years of Piscean mystery.  Aquarius is more concerned with the rights of the individual, although it can be brutal in its efforts to accomplish social equality as we have seen throughout history in events such as the French Revolution.

As we stand at the doorway of the Age of Aquarius, this passage of Neptune in Pisces represents a completion of sorts – a final test of our ability to rise above the urge to lose ourselves in unconscious urges and escapist behavior and instead achieve a higher level of conscious awareness in the elevation of our ideals and dreams.


For the first eight years that Neptune moves through Pisces Chiron will be there as well.  In its role as the Wounded Healer (or as I prefer to call it, the Soul Healer) Chiron reveals any area in our world which requires release and healing so that a greater wisdom may emerge.  We are likely to see a more advanced wave of “designer” drugs – pharmaceuticals designed to evoke certain experiences.  The legalization of marijuana for medical use, and its adoption by pharmaceutical companies for profit, is likely to come rather quickly.

The ways in which we entertain ourselves are certain to change as well.  Games such as the Wii will transform into more realistic virtual worlds, and televisions will go beyond 3-dimensional to provide an experience that intensifies all of the senses beyond what the human experience can offer on its own.  This is likely to result in a new type of addiction as the more subtle forms of experience of the natural world takes a back seat.  We are already seeing a form of this in the realm of sexuality, where the wide availability of pornography on the Web is creating sexual dysfunction in a growing number of men for whom a sexual experience with a live person cannot compete with the intensity of the pornographic experience.


Astrology Liz Greene calls Pisces the “Celestial Dustbin,” because it is the sum total of all of our experiences.  In Pisces we long to return to the source – to merge with a greater experience that goes beyond the limits of our senses.  The collective consciousness, or unconsciousness as the case may be, is more readily accessible under the Piscean influence and with Neptune traveling through Pisces life could become much more confusing as the veils between the realms of experience become thinner and easier to traverse.

Neptune wants to inspire us to transcend ordinary reality, and its ideal expression is to seek this transcendence through a connection with the divine.  This is the source of the creative fire, as we channel any type of creative output through our more limited conscious experience.  As Neptune travels through Pisces we have an opportunity to more easily stretch ourselves beyond the limits of our intuition and conscious awareness.  Our capacity for compassion for the suffering can grow and our hearts can open.  If we ground ourselves in a spiritual practice we will be able to take advantage of the opening flower of divine wisdom that will be available to us, especially during the period in which Chiron is also in Pisces.


With Uranus squaring Pluto over the next four years, revolution and radical changes in the global landscape will be a major part of our experience.  Neptune in Pisces can inspire us to either escape from the difficult intensity into new heights of avoidance, or to seek the higher path of elevated consciousness that can help us to create real change and transformation.  Neptune in Pisces offers opportunities for unparalleled creativity and imagination which can combine with the powerful Uranian influence for invention in ways that can create amazing things for the world of the future.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions.  Pisces is said to be the sign of the saint and the sinner, the priest and the addict. It is our choice, as it always is, whether we will take the easy road of sleep and unconsciousness,  or remain awake and utilize the powerful energy of change that is coming.

  • Mary Batson

    Thank you again – powerful and encouraging words.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Tricia Rose

    Do you think Rumi had a Piscean vision in this poem?

    I died as mineral and became a plant.
    I died as plant and I was animal.
    I died as animal and became man.
    Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
    Yet once more I must die, to soar with angels blest –
    But even angelhood must pass: all except God must perish.
    When I surrender last my angel form
    Soul shall become what Mind cannot conceive.
    Let me not be! For non-existence sings with clearest voice
    To One we shall return.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment martine keller

    had a strong – so to speak – experience of Neptune moving into Pisces; felt totally slowed down and spaced out; it was further accentuated by altitude yesterday as I went to an alpine glacier (3000 meters); eerie feeling of unreality… had to exert some unusually tiring effort to navigate my skis… I also felt I had to move deeper into intuition

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jerry

    Hi Lynn,

    Have you examined the Mars-Pluto square chart yet? Here it is – set for 4:41 pm April 11 Washington DC:

    Using the online Midpoint Astrology Calculator website and keying in the coordinates of

    Uranus at 01 ’44 Aries

    Saturn at 13 ’16 Libra

    we find the midpoint rests precisely (no orb) at 7 ’30 Capricorn exactly where the Pluto location is; in exact square to Mars. Quite phenomenal.

    I took the liberty of screen-printing the calculations for your convenience. Here it is:

    What is most notable is that if we compare this to the natal aspects of the US Sibly chart (the rectified chart of 5:13 pm 7/4/1776 used by Dane Ruddyar) the results are profound. Tr. Saturn is within 3 minutes of squaring the US Sun and tr. Uranus is within a 9 minute orb of the US nadir/mc axis (1 ’53 Aries-Libra).

    The significance of these aspects can’t be dismissed easily. Does this chart have the signature of a terrorist attack? That’s a little out of my expertise to say. David Wilcock seems to think that with the US government shutdown, this would be the perfect opportunity for a sinister event of some magnitude to occur….. See related article:

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ge

    Consider these words:

    I really wish astrologers would get over the disappointment and resulting cynicism and disillusionment of when they fail o live up to Neptune’s standards. What Neptune represents is NOT illusion and disillusion, but the potential of what can be IF we are able to live in perfect love while resisting the tempataion to become disillusioned when others don’t meet our expectations or see our vision. It represents the ever present horizon of human potential. It is not meant to be a god played gotcha game to cause people to try to give up on their dreams, but to give the a vision to strive for.

    Planets like Saturn and Pluto show you where you are and can be instumental in helping you get there. Neptune hands you the dream as out of a mist, but then expects you to maintain it and not loose faith regardless of the reality of others.
    I know that you are probably thinking that I am caught up in the Neptunian wishful thinking, but consider that if you were totally enlightened, compassionate, and ever faithful would you have been able to maintain it? Neptune gives the best, but demands the best.
    I am hoping that if that all the Mayan stuff turns out to be true, many people WILL be able to maintain the dream. Let’s “keep the faith” shall we.

  • Craig

    Thanks for additional insights on Neptune. I find it to be a tricky planet. It seeks perfection in an imperfect world, hense the negative reaction in striving to feel Nirvana through drugs or any escapist tendency. It tries to get us to live a higher consciousness while living in a lower 3D world, forcing us to etiher believe or leave, so to speak.

    My take on the big picture is that Neptune in Pisces is the last gasp of the Piscean Age with all the attending fears and hysteria until it goes int Aries about the same time as Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2024. This to me marks the real beginning of the Aquarian Age where people have a greater understanding of the spiritual energetic principles that create our existence and a tolerance for the beliefs and lifestyles of others.

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