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Barack Obama releases birth certificate (again)

Barack Obama birth certificateAstrologers are always hunting for birth information, so we were the first ones on the trail of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Not that we believed he might be from Kenya, but we wanted to be able to construct an accurate birthchart. You can read the thread of my articles on the subject here along with my astrological profiles of the President.


At the moment Mars and Jupiter are moving into a conjunction that will culminate just after midnight (EDT) on Sunday May 1st, and right now they are within two degrees of each other and of the President’s progressed ascendant.  This may be a little too  geeky for some of my readers, but the simplification here is that the planet of aggression and inspiration (Mars) is aligning with the planet of expansion and opportunity (Jupiter) in Mars’s own sign of Aries, the sign of self-motivation and courageous pursuit of one’s Truth.

It’s hard to conjure up anyone who exemplifies the combination of Marsy aggression and Jupiter’s braggodocio better than Donald Trump, whose relentless pursuit of Obama’s birth certificate over the past few weeks led to the President’s announcement yesterday.  And as it happens, Mr. Trump’s chart shows Mars sitting right on the ascendant where it becomes a part of his persona.


The progressed chart shows our evolution through time, and the progressed ascendant reveals our changing image as we project it to others, and as we see ourselves.  With Mars and Jupiter, both in Aries, transiting President Obama’s progressed ascendant he is asserting (Mars) more authority and his poll numbers are already up as a result of the announcement yesterday.

Warning: political rant ahead

On a non-astrological note, many of the President’s critics are saying now that he should have released the birth certificate sooner.  Snopes has the entire history of this insanity.  But my question is, has any President in the history of the United States been asked to release his birth certificate?  And even after Obama released the “Certification of Live Birth” suspicions continued.  Even now there is talk that the actual birth certificate is a forgery.  Obama is not the first president to have had a foreign parent – Woodrow Wilson’s mother was English and Herbert Hoover’s mother was Canadian.  Perhaps we consider Kenya to be more foreign than England or Canada?


Surely there are more important issues facing Americans than this distraction over whether or not Barack Obama has fulfilled his duty to disclose that he is an American.  The timing of this craziness in the midst of an important budget debate makes this the perfect distraction.  “Look over here folks, just ignore the people in Washington who are stealing your jobs and giving your money to the Wall Street billionaires.”

Rant over.  We will now return to your astrological programming.


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment jenni- omg

    Lynn, I’m saddened by this diversion when so much is at stake! The adults have disappeared and this proves that their perceived power hold is next to nothing! The POWER lies in moving in a positive direction! Boy can I feel Mars today, it’s sitting right on my chest! I’ve been in incredible pain for many years but the last two months have been very hard! Thanks for your help, I am a faithful reader of your blog! Jenni-OMG

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Dissenter

    Dear Lynn, as a foreigner looking in from outside with no partisan affiliation, I am now more convinced than ever Obama is 100% fake. They couldn’t even get a doctor to sign this “new” BC, and they got the name of the hospital wrong. If I were Trump I would simply say “It’s over, the guy’s finished”. What is REALLY surprising, or perhaps not on refelection, is that Trump isn’t saying that. But for those of you who still want to believe, don’t you find it odd there is no-one who remembers Obama from an early age? That very conveniently, the white side of his family is completely “dead”? That he has a Social Security number from a state he didn’t live in? As for distractions, please, disabuse yourself. Obama is no Robin Hood, he’s as owned by the powerful as any other politician.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Grumpy Old Person

    “Dissenter’s” post is proof that the inmates have indeed taken over the asylum.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment JW

    Seriously,one would think that “Dissenter” would at least get his facts straight before making a fool of himself. Or perhaps, he is like so many Republicans these days who say oh sorry didn’t know you would take that for the truth. “Dissenter” should probably watch more than the Fox news channel for information.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment michaela

    It is still disturbing, after all the years of noticing, from childhood, how easily those in powerful positions, especially the media, which is basically controlled by people in positions of power,can take the people’s focus and concentration off of matters which are highly important, and point them into arenas such as this sort of nonsense. And not to mention other platforms non related to politics, such as reality TV, and heavy commercialism, drawing attention away from all that is really going on, which “THEY” don’t want the people they are “supposed” to be “leading” to know about.
    Instead, they use those platforms along with totally useless and moneyas well as energy wasting methods to keep the people at odds and always in a divided state, fighting among each other.
    The time is drawing near for that to come to a screeching halt. And the way it will happen is going to not only shock billions of people, but finally bring the Planet and it’s inhabitants into alignment of peace and unity, once and for all.
    Love and light to all

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Adam

    Of course Kenya is more foreign than England and Canada, its waaay blacker. Oh, wait. I forgot. The US has gotten past racism because we have a black President.

    Lynn, I would love to see an analysis of the astrological features for the nation that point to the long and storied history of racism in America – and it’s recent high focus in our collective experience. Thanks.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Charlotte

    Truth is, if he were a white man named John Smith, no one would be asking for this kind of information. Shows how America was ready to elect a black man, just not to have one for president. I was bemused and mildly intrigued to see how Trump would direct his march towards the election but seeing him jump on the Teabagger bandwagon reaffirms my decision to stand on the sidelines of politics pointing and laughing. The media has hounded this to death also which I’m sure is one of the reasons no one can let it go and accept that America elected a black man. Just another case of the vocal few determining the opinions and trends for the masses.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment jamiejohnson

    Well, the fact is that BO created this “diversion” by refusing to release the original birth certificate. He now uses this to ridicule those who wanted to see the original birth certificate – all to his advantage. Moreover, this is a standard “alinsky” tactic…. BO is the president of all of the citizens of the us… it was extremely disrespectful to fail to produce it for three years.

    Moreover, the fact is that Hawaii in the past would give birth certificates based upon affidavits of home birth, based upon foreign records. There was a legitimate concern. BO taught constitutional law; he knew full well the implication of not being a “natural-born” citizen = it would have disqualified him for the presidency. He even sponsored a senate bill relating to McCain’s natural born status (mccann was born in Panama – on US military base), when he was a senator.

    The failure to produce a birth certificate was calculated to make his opponents look like fools. Instead, it makes BO look like a calculating partisan who will stop at nothing to win.

    Is this the man you want as president? think again.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Tina H

    and… to Mr. Johnson …. the whole idea of his EVER being asked to show it is the issue…. so… of course… he did not feed into such racist nonsense initially… who would have thought this would have continued to go on and on??? oh yeah… the racists…

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment I wonder

    I wonder how important his birth certificate is now With Bin Laden the figure head of Terrorism eliminated? I also ask the question has any other President been asked to produce a birth certificate? I want to see a record of at least one other President who had to show that kind of proof. Go ahead I’ll wait. The sad truth is that if his name was not Barrack Obama and his skin dark nobody would have dared to ask. Unfortunately our country is still full of narrow minded people and politicians who hate it that a black man is sitting in the Oval Office. Grow up he is probably more educated then most of you. Well it is now apparent that He was the right man for the job. He has kept one of his campaign promises the most important one he will make sure that Bin Laden would be dealt with. In two years he has accomplished what Bush and Cheney could not. Now we can get on the road to recovery America.

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