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Astrological Musings

Saturn in Libra: Testing the boundaries of marriage

Sister WivesSaturn as we know presides over structures that we create in our world and in our society, such as the institutions of government and marriage, which is a formalized relationship that is sanctioned by the State.  Libra is the sign of relationships between things, ideas, and people.  So when Saturn travels through Libra, the limits (Saturn) of relationships (Libra) are tested.


My generation has Saturn in Libra, and we were the first generation to question the need for marriage – much to the consternation of our parents, the Pluto in Cancer generation who saw their biggest fear come to pass:  the virtual destruction (Pluto) of the nuclear family (Cancer).  Saturn entered Libra in late 1950, a time of post-war prosperity and low divorce rates.  The solid commitments exemplified of the Ozzie and Harriet-type nuclear family became the American Dream: a happy family living in their own homes, enjoying a life of safety and security within the confines of the eternal commitment of marriage.

Saturn entered Libra this time around back in the fall of 2009, and we have seen a resurgence of the discussion over who has the right (Saturn) to wed (Libra).  Gay people?  Polygamists?  


A new reality series called “Sister Wives” is bringing the practice of polygamy by fundamentalist Mormons into the light of day, and Utah police have begun investigations into the lives of the Browns, a family practicing polygamy under the auspices of the Apostolic United Brethren, the largest polygamous group in Utah that has worked hard to separate itself and its image from the FLDS, the group headed by Warren Jeffs and depicted in the television series “Big Love.”

Kody Brown believes that his family has not broken any polygamy laws because only one of this marriages are legal; the others were performed through commitment ceremonies, but regardless of whether the state of Utah finds grounds to arrest the family members, there is no doubt that this television show is creating discussion on what does constitute marriage, and who can marry.  

It’s interesting to me that when the topic of gay marriage was first raised it was said that if gays were allowed to marry, polygamists would be next.  It appears this horse has left the barn, and under Saturn in Libra (through 2012) we will likely see continued discussion.

  • Jenni-OMG

    Lynn, My boundaries were tested last night—believe it or not I was outside in my hottub last night (Sunday) around 8:30pm. and seen a UFO! I couldn’t believe it , I’m so freaked out! I wasn’t lucky enough to see 1, I had to see 4. Had I witnesed them all by myself I probably would of convinced myself they weren’t real. The first 2 I saw by myself, the third my son saw with me, and the fourth was seen by my son, my husband and myself. OMG, Not one of them looked the same! I live in Maumee, Ohio and will be out tonight to see if they come back. Maybe this is UFO centrals port of call, BEAM ME UP SCOTTY! I did report this earlier today to a UFO sightings website.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Wow Jenni, that is amazing! I didn’t see anything in the news but there have been a lot more sightings lately.

  • Kate

    Hi Jenni,
    Just curious as to what the UFO’s looked like. I was wondering if they matched descriptions of other people’s sightings in the past.

  • Jenni-OMG

    Hi Kate,
    After seeing pictures of the top 8 most common sightings, my first sighting exactly matched one in the top 8. I’ve been very freaked out over this one, it had 5 lights on it 2 in front 3 behind and looked how bowling pins are set up but missing the top pin. I think I’m trying to convince myself that maybe it was some sort of surge over the electric powerlines so I can stop thinking about it. Jenni

  • Kate

    Hi Jenni,
    Thanks for your reply! I think that you saw something that was real and unexplainable. I know that there have been times when I have experienced something so far out that I feel compelled to convince myself it was not real. But, you know, it really was real. UFO’s are a fascinating subject, and whenever I look up into the night sky, I look for them. I sound like a nut to some people, but I have always believed that we are not alone.
    Happy sky-watching!

  • Sam Donald

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    I’ll be back to read more next time

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