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October is in many ways the month of Venus – a time when our attention is focused on our relationships and the way we interact with others. First, Venus is at a virtual standstill as October begins in preparation for its retrograde turn which occurs on October 8 th. Mercury enters the sign of Libra which is ruled by Venus on October 3 rd, at which point the mind (Mercury) is focused on relationships of all kinds, including the mental relationship we create between various individual ideas or elements. Venus conjoins Mars that same day, energizing our attractions and the force of our connections with others, especially since both planets are in the intensely emotional sign of Scorpio. Then the New Moon occurs in Libra on October 7 th, with four planets in Libra inspiring us to create a new beginning in our relationships and our ability to experience greater harmony and balance in our lives.

Let’s first discuss the retrograde turn of Venus. When a planet changes direction and appears to move backwards from our perspective on earth, its influence becomes more internalized and we often are forced to look back into the past and see where mistakes were made that can be corrected with new information and wisdom. Venus is generally a benign influence, and her transits tend to be subtle and fleeting but when retrograde she takes on more power. During the retrograde cycle, which lasts for several weeks every eighteen months or so, we tend to re-evaluate our interactions with others as well as the things we value in our lives. Venus will remain retrograde through November 18 th. Watch the Astrological Musings blog for up-to-date news and more articles on this phenomenon. 

During the first few days of October Mercury, the ruler of communication and the mental function, moves into position to face off against Jupiter and Uranus, the two liberation planets that are closely aligned in the sky. Mercury is in the sign of Virgo, where it seeks order and routine, so we are likely to see a tendency for routines to be disrupted during this time. At the same time Ceres, the planet of self-care and nurturing, is in a challenging square to Jupiter and Uranus which could create further disruption, causing us to feel some imbalance internally which may then spill over into our relationships. The disruption of Jupiter and Uranus serves a purpose, however: it inspires change and new ways of looking at our world. It’s a time when we will need to let go of preconceived ideas in order to move forward.

Mercury enters Libra on October 3, facilitating the process through the mind of balancing opposites and achieving harmony through cooperation and give and take. However, when Mercury enters Libra it begins to move into alignment to form a challenging square to Pluto which culminates on the 5 th. This dynamic can bring some intensity and compulsivity to our thoughts and the way we formulate our ideas (Mercury).

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