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I’m pleased to announce a new blogroller – many of you know Dana Gerhardt from her always interesting and entertaining articles in The Mountain Astrologer.  She has a wonderful post about Mercury retrograde that includes this paragraph:

[I]f you honor Mercury now, he just might be willing to rescue you. He did that for Odysseus, slipping him an elixir made from the magical plant Moly (which grows underground and can only be seen by the gods). Moly inoculated Odysseus against Circe’s seductions. She couldn’t turn him into a pig like the others! An amazed Circe figured she’d met her match in Odysseus and immediately released his men and served them all an amazing feast. You can have a good time during the retrograde too if Mercury slips you some Moly.  First you must resist the seductions of your usual ambitions, habits and deadlines. Slow down: a perfect enterprise for this Pisces Full Moon. Don’t think too much or take yourself too seriously. Just listen, play, and let the chimeras of your imagination soak in.

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