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The big “Cardinal Drama” of planetary configurations this summer included the beginning of the challenging square of Uranus to Pluto – a cycle that will build over the next few years and culminate in 2013.   Uranus and Pluto combine […]

Glenn Beck has emerged from a minor and cartoonish character of conservative and religious unrest to become a force to be reckoned with in the Republican party. Beginning with the Tea Party rallies last year, he has built a movement […]

I’m doing readings all weekend at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Raleigh so there will be no radio show today.  Instead, please enjoy this wisdom from Eckart Tolle teaching the transformation of consciousness.

This morning I wrote a long and well-thought out post about the 20-something generation.  Unfortunately, I made a big and stupid error by tagging that generation as the Pluto in Sagittarius generation.  Thankfully, I have brilliant readers who emailed me […]

Astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term Supermoon to describe the Full Moon at perigee when it’s closest to the Earth.   Last night’s Full Moon was at apogee and at its furthest from Earth, so the Moon appeared about 15% smaller than usual. The […]

Heidi Montag is a reality TV star who is best known for having had eleven plastic surgeries in one day at the age of 23.  She is a self-confessed plastic surgery addict. Back in January I wrote about Heidi in the context […]

Julian Assange is the head of the Wikileaks website, the site that recently participated in the biggest intel leak in history just as the Cardinal planetary drama was unfolding this summer.  (This very blog was featured on the Wikileaks website last year […]

I’m pleased to announce a new blogroller – many of you know Dana Gerhardt from her always interesting and entertaining articles in The Mountain Astrologer.  She has a wonderful post about Mercury retrograde that includes this paragraph: [I]f you honor […]

Art by Marcia Snedecor The Full Moon on August 24th is at the first degree of Pisces, the sign of dreams, illusions, and a spiritual connection to the divine within. In a Full Moon, the Moon is  opposite the Sun […]

The Sun has moved into Virgo, shifting the energy from the creative fire of Leo to the grounded and practical Virgo.  When the Moon moves into Pisces tomorrow morning (EDT) the Sun and Moon will begin to align in the […]