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Illustration by Daniel Marsula For the next week or so we will be living with Mars and Saturn conjunct in Libra.  Libra is normally a lovely sign – it is concerned with fairness, equality, peace and harmony, beauty and an […]

by Lynn Hayes The big Cardinal alignment of the summer reaches another peak this week with Saturn already having moved into position and Mars and the Moon lining up as well.  (For more information about the meanings of these alignments […]

As Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto align in the big Cardinal Drama that is 2010’s biggest astrological story, a shocking revelation of 90,000 classified intelligence report concerning the war in Afghanistan have  been leaked via the Wikileaks website: — a whistleblower […]

Catch up on Part 1 here Beginning in 1954 when Tupperware parties began putting money in the pockets of housewives and Playboy Magazine began sowing seeds of dissatisfaction in the lusty hearts of suburban dads, the ground was being fertilized […]

A reader on my Facebook page suggested a connection between Saturn in Libra and the sexual revolution.  Saturn was actually in Libra between 1950 and 1953, placing it a little earlier than the actual sexual revolution which we typically think of occurring […]

Saturn went into Libra, and I found these links on my Facebook page this afternoon: Safety of cosmetics video on Democracy Now The Story of Cosmetics on Youtube A site called Truth in Aging And a new bill proposed in […]

by Lynn Hayes Libra by Evelicious Saturn first entered Libra in late October of 2009, but then retrograded back into Virgo in March, cleaning up issues of healthcare reform and other mundane details of life and the tender ecological balance […]

Just what we need for our overworked and internet-addicted minds as Uranus retrogrades back into Pisces and completes its blurring of the boundaries (Pisces) between technology (Uranus) and reality! Meditation is known to help the mind, body and soul, and […]

And turned her a bit red (with embarrassment) after an aerial harness failed to operate properly.  As it happened, the solar eclipse at 19 degrees Cancer was nearly exactly conjunct her natal Mars and in square to her Aries Moon.  […]

Chiron is preparing to turn retrograde so it is most powerful now as it slows down at the zero degree of Pisces and prepares to complete its passage through Aquarius.Chiron’s process of healing is a shamanic one that takes us […]