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In honor of Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings, and because I’m busily working on the July Skywatch (please sign up on my website if you’re not already on my mailing list!) I thought I’d repost this profile of Ms. Kagan. Elena […]

The ascendant of the birthchart is the cusp of the first house which describes our personality. You will often read that the ascendant describes the personal appearance, but that is not always true although it certainly can affect the appearance. […]

Could alien-human interbreeding really have happened?  Watch this and decide for yourself.

Mel Gibson isn’t having a very good week.  First news reports announced that Gibson and his ex-wife Robyn were being sued for a construction company for over $200,000 in work performed on their Malibu home over the past twenty years. […]

Former Vice-President (or some would say acting president) Dick Cheney was admitted to a hospital in Washington for tests on Friday night as the powerful Grand Cross eclipse fell right on his progressed Moon.  Cheney’s Moon just progressed into Libra […]

I thought it was interesting that the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipsefilm occurred the night of the actual lunar eclipse.  The Twilight Saga has given new sexiness to the vampire genre, and brought a reluctant Robert Pattinson into the limelight. Rob Pattinson […]

Photo from National Geographic Saturday’s Full Moon is also a partial lunar eclipse, and includes a powerful alignment of seven planets in a Grand Cross formation. Let’s first look at the lunation (lunar event) itself.  The Sun in Cancer is […]

I’m going to file this under the category of Saturn concluding its travel through Virgo, the sign of health and the fragile ecosystem that makes up the body/mind/spirit system of the human being.  Saturn forces us to face reality – […]

Astronomers in the UK have recorded the “musical harmonies produced by the magnetic field in the outer atmosphere of the Sun.”   The scientists converted visible vibrations into sound and sped up the frequency so that it was audible to the […]

For the most astrological fun you can have with your clothes on, you owe it to yourself to visitMatthew Currie’s blog where he takes on astrological issues with humor AND astro-intelligence.  Today he sits down with Chiron over a bottle of […]