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Tom Cruise betrayed by Scientology leader

Tom Cruise Scientology MiscavigeMarty Rathbun was Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center of the Church of Scientology from 1978 until 2004 when he left the church.  Since then he has been a vocal critic of Scientology and offers the services he was trained for to “independent Scientologists” outside of the Church umbrella.


In a classic Mercury retrograde revelation, Rathbun writes on his blog of his recent discovery that David Miscavige, head of the Church of Scientology, used video and audio tapes of the confessional “auditing” sessions made with actor Tom Cruise as entertainment.  Rathbun writes,

I have recently learned from a very reliable witness that DM regularly held court with others in his personal lounge in the roadside Villas at the Int base, and while sipping scotch whiskey at the end of the night, Miscavige would read Tom’s overts and withholds from my reports to others, joking and laughing about the content of Tom’s confessions.  My witness is unimpeachable in my eyes as his account contains too many accurate details from someone who had zero reason (or ability) for being anywhere near Tom’s folders, videos and reports direct to DM.  I also know he was a regular, preferred guest at DM’s scotch night caps during that period.


You can read more about the astrology of Tom Cruise hereThis revelation comes just as transiting Uranus (shock and surprise)  is in a challenging square to Cruise’s progressed Mars (drive and will), and his progressed Moon is exactly square to his natal Moon (a challenge to security).  In addition, transiting Chiron (wounding and healing) began a challenging opposition to the Sun (Self) in Cruise’s progressed chart in March 2010 that will continue throughout the year, coinciding with a transit of Saturn (challenge, isolation)  in a challenging square to his natal Sun.  As if that weren’t enough, transiting Chiron will complete a challenging cycle to the impulsive Mars/Uranus dynamic in his natal chart.


This is a complex series of planetary cycles that suggest surprising (Uranus) events to expose old wounds (Chiron) to force Cruise to re-evaluate (Saturn) where he is in his life.  Or, through sheer force of will (Jupiter/Pluto in the natal chart) he may continue to pursue the path he is on without looking back .

Tom Cruise has built a foundation for his life around the Church of Scientology, but his natal chart as described in the profile linked above suggests a wound (Chiron) resulting from a pursuit of self-righteous dogmatism (Jupiter/Pluto opposition).  Religion in  any form provides a solid structure that can offer comfort and security, and departure from that security can be frightening and painful.  As humans we always have a choice, and it will be interesting to see how Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology manage this revelation.

  • Louanne

    That’s just hilarious. This guy is using Tom Cruise’s popularity since months to gain prominence for his sour ideas. With a little research you would have found that too.

  • Wendy

    Louanne, we all know you’re a Scientologist who specifically trolls the internet to refute anything said against your church.
    Many ex-members have given testimonies about the private information in the PC folders being discussed by staff members.
    Wake up folks! Come up to present time and blow the criminal cult.

  • Frank

    I guess that somewhere there is a planet called ‘Gullible’ and people like Cruise and whoever follow this blog have it featuring largely in their natal horoscopes

  • Louanne

    @Wendy An anonymous troll calling me a troll? Interesting. Can’t wait to meet you in real life.
    Ex-members have given testimony about a lot of things, usually not usable in court because their mix of opinion and outright lies wouldn’t be defensible there.
    Rathbun specifically gave testimony about a lot of things, too, for example this public announcement he send around before starting to betray his friends: “I have acted as an avowed enemy over the past several years by continually reporting on how bad people are, while not producing a single product myself, by attacking and having removed personnel, placing legal and PR flaps on his [David Miscavige’s] plate. This suppresses Int Scn (International Scientology) expansion. This conduct is suppressive and insane.”
    Just like this “blog” Rathbun is asking for heavy legal cannons being fired at him. I am sure though that the responsible Church of Scientology legal people are smart enough not to waste lawyer funds on this jerk and his collection of wild lies.

  • Andrea

    Scientology is a cult filled with fools who are easily parted from their money. I keep hoping I’ll see in the tabloids that Katie Holmes has gotten free of the cult and taken her kid with her. Maybe Tom Cruise will wise up and leave before he loses his family.

  • barbara

    Cruise admits his father was abusive, so it makes sense he gravitated towards an abusive father figure such as David Miscavige. Cruise has Neptune rising, with Moon and Venus square Neptune. There’s a craving for enlightenment, but with that came deception and illusion, and of course good ‘ol pedestal placing!
    hopefully he’ll wake up soon, or at least Saturn and Pluto will force his hand. Chiron return in a year and a half as well.

  • Wendy Beccaccini

    The Internet is the most valuable communications resource of our time, but it is also subject to information abuse or false information. To help with this the Church of Scientology makes available over 400 videos and hundreds of pages of articles on Scientology answering the questions “What is Scientology?”, “What is a Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre?”, “What is the Scientology system of ethics and confessionals?”, and “What are the beliefs and practices of Scientology?” and others. The basic books of Scientology are also available at our Churches, in public bookstores, and in more than 125,000 libraries in 180 countries.
    Visitors are also welcome to come into Churches of Scientology anytime to find out for themselves about Scientology. There are free films, multimedia information displays, Sunday services and introductory seminars. Or one can make use of any of the free tests offered to help a person isolate areas of life which when addressed can greatly increase personal happiness. The door is always open.

  • Rekot

    A link to some more Louanne trolling. These people are unfortunate, gullible is the perfect word.

  • Ken Stepp

    Tom is a member of a cult. It is time he owned that and moved on.

  • Steve

    This is a load of nonsense. If you really knew about Scientology, you would know this could never happen.
    More crap from the haters……you can believe what you want to believe.

  • osa handlers

    Word up Steve, funny how we all happen on these Scientology themed articles, ain’t it?
    David Miscavige reportedly mocked John Travolta for alleged homosexual actions or confessions back in the 80’s, so this is just more confirmation that this does happen in Scientology, that people’s personal confessions are open to mockery and, in other cases, blackmail.

  • Andrea

    Hey, they really do have people who swarm to message boards to defend Scientology at the first sign of criticism! Of course everyone’s entitled to believe whatever they want to believe but there’s a problem when you are expected to shell out a ton of money for each new revelation and some of the practices of this cult sound abusive. Enter at your own risk.

  • Andrea

    Ask about Xenu.

  • edna

    Oh my, now this is interesting!

  • Carlos

    In my opinion if you need an organziation, any organization or church or cult to coordinate your spiritual or psychological advancement you are still at step 1.

  • Anonymous Mother

    I enjoy this website and value it because of the differing views and respect for freedom of speech.
    Interestingly, those who are defending Scientology seem to have the same old rhetoric for key points, the main one about the availabilty of their religion on book stores and by visiting the orgs.
    There are not thousands upon thousands of books available in thousands of libraries. I check every time I’m in one. Bookstores too! There are not thousands of organizations and they are not all pretty like those shown in the videos or magazines. More Scientologists to go out into the real world and challenge what their leader is telling them.
    I have entered many places of worship in my lifetime and the only time I have been bullied into giving money was at Scientology organizations. All of them, except one, was in a poor condition.
    Something isn’t right and members who defend the words of their faith should at least investigate before spewing the same old drivel.

  • Wendy Beccaccini

    For Anonymous Mother: You don’t have to go to bookstore or library. Try There you (and anyone else) can find over 400 videos to view freely. It is a LOT of stuff!

  • Peter H

    Only in America
    I am amazed that ANYBODY could follow a “religion”, written by a science fiction writer!
    The more I read about scientology, the more I think how sad it is that laws do not protect the gulible and the weak minded.
    I may not agree with many aspects of many religions, but I honestly feel that they came into existance hoping to better the lives of those who practice them. Not as a means to amass fortunes from the stupid.
    Scientology fails by any measure to be a religion, but more of a science fiction pyramid scheme. I think Martha Stewart has more of a claim to be helping her followers than old Ron ever had.

  • Wendy Beccaccini

    Fortunately for us we life in a country of free thinkers and all kinds of opinions.:)
    The Founder of Scientology did a ton of things in his life, which you might want to become informed of, as I am sure you are a very intelligent man. Try:

  • Andrea

    Be sure to also read reports of the various controversies in Scientology if making up your mind. Wikipedia, while not perfect, gives a good overview and can point you in the direction of other more reputable sources. It also has a good article on Xenu.

  • Steve

    “Religion in any form provides a solid structure that can offer comfort and security, and departure from that security can be frightening and painful.”
    I left my religion behind decades ago and, if anything, feel more secure and comfortable without it.
    Scientology, astrology, Christianity, _et al_.
    All best viewed from the rear view mirror of life.

  • Chiron

    Yes really. It can indeed. But there is always room for the singletons of this world to find their own dank corner in which to ferment to their hearts content. Get comfy.
    Far from for me to analyze any religion. However I would rather consider those that have weathered the test of time to be more reliable than the Hollywood dazzle du jour. Isn’t it interesting how some opeople seemingly crawled out from the woodwork to play defense without ever having posted here previously. No crime. Just interesting. Like lemmings over the cliff. LMAO

  • Chiron

    Yes really. It can indeed. But there is always room for the singletons of this world to find their own dank corner in which to ferment to their hearts content. Get comfy.
    Far from for me to analyze any religion. However I would rather consider those that have weathered the test of time to be more reliable than the Hollywood dazzle du jour. Isn’t it interesting how some opeople seemingly crawled out from the woodwork to play defense without ever having posted here previously. No crime. Just interesting. Like lemmings over the cliff. LMAO

  • keepknocking

    Wendy Beccaccini works for OSA Scientology’s office of Special Affairs
    they must really want to attack the message

  • BigDaddy

    Notice how quickly the scientologists diverted the conversation?
    The fact is that very few people know, for a fact, whether or not dm has been watching, and subsequently mocking, confessional videos… And none of them are here. But the rhetoric from the scientologists is that it “didn’t happen”, that it’s “impossible”.
    How do they know that to be a fact, although they have no way to claim it with validity?
    They were told. They believed it. They assimilated it.
    That’s a trait they have in common with mind control victims.

  • TK

    Pure religion undefiled is to love and do no harm to any and help the poor orphaned and widows in need and keep ourselves from selling our souls to this world. We don’t need buildings or temples for this. We are the temples not made by flesh. Our battle is immaterial as well.
    I agree BigDaddy…Now regarding Mind Kontrol such as MK ULTRA, MOnarch project, etc. I have often wondered if TCM wasn’t a victim of that at infancy or so since his dad worked in defense and closely with military bases and then wanting to be a priest. If (Hypothetical-no proof- he was one of the Illuminati/vatican poster boys for a new religion they must have decided against him being a soldier of the jesuit order as priest and instead making him a more progressive religious and social figure since acting was in his chart. Who knows? If so, they sure have been able to keep that information safe and out of site. Interesting that he has taken over and brought LRons religion out more than LRon hiself with his Dianetic commercials. Jack Parsons (I am a Parsons by blood) was in O.T.O. and defense and was a good pal of LR Hubbard and Alister Crowley.
    I began studying Astrology when I was about 8 but still have not gone deep enough to know how to determine past incarnations and secrets and hidden info. Jupiter (in Aires with Aires Rising) is in my 12 house of Pisces but I still don’t understand how it all makes sense.
    Maybe someone can help me understand all of this…
    I knew of him-TCM- by the spirit and was given his name (Tom) when I was a nine year old girl and he was ten and knew that although he was interested in pursuing spirituality and religion, he would be a famous movie star. I wanted to see him and meet him in order to know who he would be in this life as I wanted to be a famous actress but was destined to pursue spirituality/religion or wanted to instead. We definitely knew one another in at least one powerful past incarnation. I later (10 yrs later) went to the movie site where he was filming to see who he now was in this life by way of being a dancer in that town and finding out about a movie I could get hired for ( I was given a part but walked away after seeing him in the flesh, as casting knew and remembered me from 5 years earlier).
    I pray he sees everything here and now for what it really is and can let it go and walk away freely. I pray we all can and do.


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