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This has been an amazing trip so far!! Today Dharmaruci and Vajramala hosted Rich and I and our friends Dianne and David for a delicious lunch on their courtyard. It was lots of fun meeting DR after corresponding for about […]

While I am out of town I’ve selected some older articles to repost for you. I was a student during the Vietnam war, and in demonstrations and marches against the war we decried the philosophy of our government that killing […]

Art by Gayle Pritchard While I am out of town I have selected some interesting articles to repost.  Nearly all of us hear voices of one kind or another. My mother hears the voice of her mother criticizing her in […]

Dharmaruci has a good article about Saturn’s role in Western society.  DR and I have known each other for about four years – we follow each other’s blog and at one point cross-posted for each other.  On Sunday we’ll be […]

The power of the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 27 contains the movement of the planet Uranus into Aries.  Uranus changes signs every seven years or so, and it will dip its metaphorical toe into Aries and remain at […]

Kathryn Cassidy is one of my favorite astrobloggers. Her blog, Collaborate with Fate (linked in the sidebar) is a consistently interesting trove of hidden symbols and astrological insights. Over the years she and I have shared our interests in many […]

I’m in London! What a gorgeous city. Today I made a pilgrimage to this astrology shop but since I have an unopened box of books from here I only bought three. šŸ™‚

Sailor Moon by K Bose Tomorrow’s Full Moon is in Sagittarius, straddling the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity of learning and knowledge.  When the Moon is full, it is actually in direct opposition to the Sun which will be in Gemini and we […]

Astrologer D.K. Brainard has a beautiful post about the oil spill in the Gulf, the extent of which is still unknown but appears to be spreading at alarming rates.  D.K. writes: In her 1980 book The Aquarian Conspiracy, Marilyn Ferguson noted that a […]

I’m leaving today for a long anticipated trip to England!  We’ll be in London and then traveling through the magical area of Glastonbury and then Cornwall. I’ll be meeting my longtime astro friends Kathryn Cassidy and Dharmaruci, which is very […]