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Chiron in Pisces: The bliss of healing

Chiron in PiscesChiron moves into the sign of Pisces today.  Chiron is an interesting planetary body whose orbit lies in the Kuiper belt.  But just as Chiron was not an ordinary Centaur even though he was half horse and half man, Chiron is not just an ordinary KBO (Kuiper Belt Object).  For more information on the planetary properties of Chiron visit this earlier article, and here you’ll find more information on the astrological Chiron.


Today Chiron leaves Aquarius for the sign of Pisces.  In its role as the Wounded Healer, Chiron shows where are deepest wounds lie, and where we will find the keys to healing.  A soul that has experienced the intensity of experience in emotional or physical pain has an opportunity to gain greater wisdom and a depth of consciousness and awareness by delving deep into the wound that is not available without these experiences.

Chiron is the guide on this journey, giving us the courage to open our hearts despite the fear and pain that may make this process excrutiatingly difficult in some cases.

While Chiron was in Aquarius from 2005 until next year (Chiron will retrograde back into Aquarius in July to complete the process) we have seen the ways in which technology, one of the domains of Aquarius, has created wounds and intensified experiences of loneliness and isolation in the midst of 1,000 Facebook friends.  Aquarius, with its double rulership of Saturn (rules and isolation) and Uranus (the collective) has a tendency to become somewhat disconnected from the heart and soul, living primarily in the head and the realm of thoughts and ideas.


The period of Chiron traveling through Aquarius completes itself with an opposition between those two planets (Saturn and Uranus), intensifying the stress between the solid forms that hold society together (Saturn) and the revolutionary new ideas that bring about change (Uranus).  Under this influence we have seen both an obsessive need to change the status quo, and a fear of change that results in violent backlash.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and it represents a completion of sorts.  In Pisces, everything is thrown into the “celestial dustbin,” as Liz Greene says, and we surrender to the mists of an experience that dissolves both Saturnian and Uranian reality into something more transcendent and, ideally, more pure.


Under the Pisces influence we often throw ourselves to the winds, eagerly willing to sacrifice our individual pain for the bliss of Universal consciousness.  This urge for self-sacrifice can, at its worst, exalt the concept of martyrdom and convert it to victimhood.  The challenge is to find the rapture of transcendence and surrender without losing ourselves in the process.

Chiron was last in Pisces from 1962-1968, and it’s impossible to separate the effects of this planetary cycle from the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto which occurred during the same time period.  But we can certainly see how the growing drug culture at that time (Chiron in Pisces)  affected the social transformation of the era (Uranus/Pluto).   Chiron in Pisces runs the risk of addictive behavior which may appear as a shortcut to the desired transcendent experience that helps to dissolve pain and sufering.


With Chiron in Pisces for the next nine years or so, the last stage of healing occurs at the soul level.  This process began last year with the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.  Under this combination many of us were intensely aware of the longings of the soul within.  Memories of past loves; mourning for those we’ve lost — all took on a more profound meaning as the doorway to the soul opened under Neptune’s guidance so that the healing of Chiron could begin to do its work.

The Chironic healing process involves going back to the core wounds and exposing them to the air so that they can become healed.  It’s not an easy process and requires a fair amount of courage, but when the healing is complete we gain a level of wisdom and cellular integration that is not otherwise possible.


While Chiron travels through Pisces there is a danger of falling into Piscean illusion which we often attempt as a shortcut on the way to spiritual bliss.  Because of the tendency of Pisces to seek martyrdom and sacrifice, there is the danger of becoming lost IN the pain during the Chironic healing process rather than going THROUGH the pain as required.

The Neptunian influence of Pisces tends to blur the boundaries of our relationships with others, so another danger of Chiron’s trip through Pisces is that of a codependent process of healing others rather than ourselves.  Chiron represents the wound that we carry with us throughout our life – it never leaves us, which makes it tempting to try to heal the wounds of others instead.  This kind of transference is not only ineffective, it can be dangerous and pollutes our relationships while preventing the soul integration that is necessary for our own healing.


If we are careful not to get lost in the glamour that makes up the realm of Pisces and Neptune, there is tremendous potential during the Chiron trip through Pisces for a growing spiritual awareness and an integration of Universal consciousness into our own beings.  This is the process that will carry us through any stress that results in the Cardinal alignments coming up over the next three years.  As our world shifts and changes around us, Chiron continues to facilitate the growing conversation between our inner Selves and the person that we think we are, enhancing our own experience of wholeness and, ultimately, bliss.

  • Gavin

    What an outstanding article! Thank you. As a very junior astrologer, I never understood the full importance of Chiron until now.
    I have some very deep inner work to do around some very serious things that have happened to me in the past 10-12 years and these appear to be the years in which to heal them. Hurray!
    As a Spiritual Life Coach working with the LGBT community, my whole business is structured around HEALING past and present.
    I look forward to this time to not only work on myself, but also to be extra attuned to the needs of my clients.
    Thanks again. Blessings.

  • Jenni -OMG

    Lynn-This is a very profound article! I’m crying as I type this out. My life has been so difficult and sometimes impossible to bare. I feel like I’ve been trapped in some huge transits all my life. I now can see them in what you just wrote. I was born under this Chironic influence in Pisces(July 26,1968) opposite my Jupiter,Pluto,and Uranus in Virgo. The weight of this has been so heavy lately but it’s switch into Pisces gives me hope that maybe I’m coming full circle! Thank you for these generous tools. I am aware of 5th and final opposition of Saturn/Uranus on my birthday. I’ve struggled for so long now I guess a little more won’t kill me! Many Thanks, Jenni

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it in detriment here? Also, isn’t it weird that I’m only 16 and I’m about to have a chiron opposition, and it takes 50 years to go through the zodiac?

  • RobinSky

    For me, old wounds from the 1962-68 Chiron in Pisces transit have resurfaced. (“What a trip, man!”) Looks like this is a time to revisit, heal, integrate, and expand. Thanks, Lynn, I can see the pitfalls of Chiron in Pisces better now!

  • Lynn Hayes

    Jenni, Jupiter and Uranus were last conjunct in 1997.
    Anon, there are no traditional rules of debility for Chiron. Chiron has an extremely elliptical orbit so it spends more time in some signs than in others, which is why at 16 you’re having a Chiron opposition.

  • Angelique7

    my dob is 8/02/57 and my soulmates is 5/05/55 been separted several yrs is there a chnge that this tis the time we will be re-united as a lasting couple we were partewd by other lies which we both beleived and both just found out the whole thruth last year we spoken after several yrs of being part from 77 to 208 & Jan of 2009 we have a son dob 7/13/77 and we have grandchildren i have only been in one othe relationship since we parted he has has several failed marriages and relationships but it is like we are still one and still love each other will we re-unite now will he call the univere made a way for us to talk on the phopne last yrnd the beginning of this yr. and now just last week he promised to call will he? psyhic says yes oter says no what do u say i just what the truth one psyhic keeps saying yes, yes,also do you see money coming into my life this yr before summer all pshic are saying yes a very large sum yes or no truth please no lies I looking not for what i want to hear but the truth also did i mention my soulmate is in n.m. and i am still in our birth home state on the east coast awaiting him to return for me or send for me yes, over the yrs far & few between we saw each other briefly & spoke breifly both in person & on the phone appr. each time 7 yrs + apart thank you for your honest answer to these major issue in my life love light & peace blessed be

  • wizron

    Chiron rules interdimensionality, or at least represents the links that connect the dimensions to each other. Chiron is the ‘maverick’, or alternative, and rules alternative healing methods (and the ‘new age’ to some extent). Chiron’s transit through Pisces during the 60’s was about the interconnection of many factions. For instance, the Beatles went and sat with the Maharishi (East meets West), and many people from around the world also made the pilgrimage to India. Some young Americans also embraced communism and Chairman Mao, and went to visit China. The mass taking of drugs in itself was an attempt to connect into deeper dimensions of spirituality. Chiron also rules translation, and music was almost worshipped as an international language that was going to connect everyone together (remembering that Chiron was also a musician). During Chiron’s transit of Pisces this time around, people who channel Spirit will become a lot more popular, and we will witness a much greater acceptance of the spirit world (another dimension) by the majority of humanity (which seems a bit absurd right now when we look at the current closed-mindedness to this topic). Music will also be somewhat elevated, and will once again be used to convey important messages that concern all of humanity, to humanity. In fact, all of the arts (poetry, painting, writing etc) will be intensified. This is also partly due to the Pluto-Uranus square operating between now and 2015, which in my opinion will be the most powerful transit we will see in our lifetimes.

  • Nicole

    I’ll be honest, I am not looking forward to this. I have the Sun-Venus-Mercury all in Pisces in my fifth house. The first thing I thought of, is something happening to my children, or me. My daughter [Who’s two] has her Moon in Pisces also.
    I managed to survive a Pluto transit to my Moon/Sun and a Saturn transit..I guess I can survive this. I have choice but to.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Nicole, Chiron has a whole different quality than Pluto and Saturn. With so much Pisces you have the ability to flow through your experiences – just use that ability and remember that any experience you go through is for the ultimate healing.

  • Nicole

    Thank you Lynn. As someone with Saturn Conj. the Moon, and Saturn Sq. Venus, I can be a bit of a worry wart!

  • lovethislife

    I do believe all of the changes into pisces (chiron and neptune) will open up hearts to the world of feelings.As a pisces moon and an artist, I have felt like I lived in a wasteland without acceptance of feelings. The arts are a place where feelings are allowed and I read somewhere that neptune in pisces and chiron in pisces will present an opportunity to find redemption through the arts. To which I say “Hallelujah!”
    Here is a beautiful rendition of Hallelujah, which somehow touches my pisces soul.

  • Su

    Chiron entering Pisces brought forth the Deep Water Horizon blowout.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment VJ


    Thank you for writing such a great article. Chiron in Pisces will be transiting my 9th house.

    I just finished my Chiron return — Chiron in Aquarius in the 8th, and Aquarius, 8th cusp. Life for me has been extremely painful, and overwhelming. But, I’m still here!

    Chiron is trine my Sun in Gemini (12th), and biquintile to Jupiter in Virgo (3rd), but my Sun is opposition Saturn in Sag (7th cusp).

    Chiron is also sesquid to Venus in Cancer (12th), square Moon in Scorpio (5th), North Node in Scorpio (5th), and Mercury in Taurus (11th).

    I have read that if you have a TRINE to the planet that has a SQUARE, then that’s a way to balance the square.

    Thank you again.

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