Astrological Musings

Astrological Musings

More on rage as Mars turns direct

by Lynn Hayes


We have been seeing an unbelievable number of high speed car chases and road rage incidents in our local paper, as I wrote earlier, and it seems as though every day there’s another shooting from someone angry at something.  A search of Google news reveals that it’s not just in our area that people are chasing and shooting each other, and now an Ohio State University worker has killed a colleague and himself over a poor work evaluation.  The gunman was 51, the age at which Chiron returns to its place in our birthcharts and stimulates a healing crisis that is often emotional as well as physical. With Chiron and Neptune conjoined in the sky, that Chiron return for this age group is packing a major wallop.
But much of the fault for the heightened rage right now belongs with Mars which has slowed down to a standstill in preparation for its change of direction tomorrow at the zero degree point of Leo, where it is very powerful and expressive. Mars is the planet that presides over the aggressive instinct, but also our ability to become inspired and excited about our lives.  It energizes us, fuels us to achieve our goals, and instills us with enthusiasm and passion.  So Mars has a very positive place in our lives, but when thwarted and distorted it can become a difficult enemy.
If you find you are having trouble right now with anger or depression (depression is often the result of a thwarted Mars, or rage turned inwards) this is an excellent time to channel Mars in a positive way.  Kickboxing, lifting heavy things (either at the gym or in the garden), running – doing something to release any pent-up energy in productive ways.  
It’s not a good time to engage in confrontation, but as soon as Mars turns direct tomorrow it will begin to travel more quickly and its effect will be greatly minimized.

    Hi Lynn hope your feeling better. Mars is really going a number on me(leo 3 degrees)and my family(all have mars in leo). Hopefully better days ahead!

  • Adele

    Wow! this is the first time in a long time that your page hasn’t been covered by something not to do with your content. Yea! Now I can be less angry about all that. :-)

  • Carlos

    Stuck Accelerators?

  • Your Name

    In my personal opinion Lynn, I think that this type of reaction is based on cultural factors. In other societies around the World the people reacts different depending on those factors.

  • Lilith 831

    Dear Lyn:
    thank you for all your excellent postings and I send chicken soup and best thoughts your way for recovery.
    My question is as a sun/merc pisces/virgo rising w/venus/moon aquarius/and mars in scorpio what is going on !!! What is ahead for mars in scorpio types when Uranus travels throught Aries?????!!! ???
    Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.
    Lilith in Santa Cruz CA

  • dave

    whew. both mars and mercury in retrograde.
    lets hope for good things as the spring equinoxe approaches.

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