Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes

This information is written for Eastern time zone with GMT in parentheses, please adjust for your own locality.  

  • The New Moon energy will extend for a few days and keep the excitement level high.  New adventures and projects are highlighted.
  • Chiron and Neptune are approaching their conjunction which will culminate near midnight on the 17th (5 am GMT).  Don’t be surprised if emotions are rising close to the surface – they are wanting to be known and released.
  • On the morning (midday GMT) of the 15th, Venus is sextile Pluto and Mars is sextile Saturn.  There is a lot of good energy that day to help deepen our relationships (Venus/Pluto) and facilitate personal growth and achievement (Mars/Saturn). 
  • The Moon moves from Pisces to Aries on the evening of the 16th (early on the 17th GMT) and the mood becomes more combative and energized.
  • Sun enters Pisces on the 18th.  For a month or so creativity and spirituality take center stage.
  • Moon enters Taurus early on the 19th (very early GMT), grounding us and bringing us closer to experiences of the senses.
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