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Recently there have been quite a few comments and emails about the annoyance of ads and popups on this blog, and I just want to go on record as saying that I certainly agree with you all. Unfortunately, neither I nor my editor have any control over the ad content which helps to pay the Beliefnet bills and my small stipend.

I have to think that it’s worth it though, because since this blog was picked up by Beliefnet my readership has doubled.  Given the choice between (a) having a beautiful blog that is not widely read or (b) expand my readership with ads and popups, I have chosen (b) as the clear choice.
I have been using a tool that you might enjoy, it’s called Readability.  Go to the link and drag the bookmarklet to the browser link bar and it will strip any site of ads and peripherals so that you are left with the good stuff.  
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