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  • Jupiter harmonizes with Pluto on the 6th and throughout the week as this aspect builds we are filled with a sense of creative power that helps to facilitate change in our lives.
  • Monday February 1st we are still feeling the effect of Saturday’s Full Moon and the peak of the challenging square from Saturn to Pluto. Fortunately the Moon is in sensible Virgo which helps us to integrate the lessons of these more intense dynamics.
  • The Moon enters Libra early Tuesday the 2nd, bringing with it a renewed focus on the relationships in our lives.
  • The Moon moves into Scorpio on Thursday the 4th, intensifying our emotions and turning our attention inwards.
  • Mercury harmonizes with Uranus beginning late on the 5th and throughout the 6th, opening the mind to intuition and new ideas.
  • The Moon moves into optimistic Sagittarius on Saturday the 6th and helps us to expand our vision and greater goals.
  • On Sunday the 7th Venus harmonizes with Chiron and Neptune which offers a chance for healing relationship but also fills us with a fresh creative energy.

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